News From Alabama

GOP Post-natal care is the same as prenatal care.

Axios reports (strange formatting is all theirs, baby):

Alabama, which has one of the country’s lowest COVID vaccination rates, recorded more deaths in 2020 than births — a first in state history.

  • Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris says it could happen again in 2021 — the state is literally shrinking, Alabama News Network reports.
  • The Yellowhammer State had 65,000 deaths last year, compared to 58,000 births — a gap of 7,000.

Harris said: “We’re going to have around six or seven thousand more people who died in our state this past year than any year we have ever had, going back to the year 1900. That’s how far I’ve asked our staff to go back.” (

I’m only guessing that they address this with an abortion ban.

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7 Responses to News From Alabama

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Wel, thank goodness for the immigrants coming in to fill vacancies!

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    • Oops…wasn’t it Aladamnbama that had crops rot in the fields a few year back because all the damillegals were taking all the good crop-picking jerbs, so they announced their own ‘show us yer papers’ law? And even the prisoners wouldn’t do that shit?

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      • R White says:

        Yes, and it took some convincing by both christian evangelical preachers along with lawyers from both the better business bureau and the chamber of commerce to those hard-line conservative legislators who foolishly drew up such draconian laws to rethink their immigration strategy or be primaried.


  2. beckymaenot says:

    So, how many in AL have to die before the state will go blue?

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    • genelms says:

      There are 3,141,214 active registered voters. 13,210 COVID-19 deaths. So I estimate 1,557,397 would clinch it.


    • R White says:

      Unfortunately that backwater shithole state will forever be a lost cause since it along with Utah are considered the two best conservative utopias for white christian conservatives to ultimately retire to.

      What that means is there isn’t a working state Democratic Party or political infrastructure for liberals; to get someone say Stacy Abrams or one of her acolytes to create a movement that would get unregistered people signed up like what she has successfully done in neighboring GA. Add to that the number of DMV offices that previous Gov. Bentley had closed in the poorer counties and it becomes almost impossible for older minorities, some who amazingly manage to live way under the poverty line without documentation, to get their ID’s. And of course the few polling centers there that are open all require ID’s active at least six months before voting starts.

      It’s no small wonder that one of the U.N.’s special envoys for basic humanitarian needs recently rated the parts of the state named ‘the black belt’, which gets its name due to the rich black soil, equivalent to third-world backwaters since minorities there lived in the equivalent of outhouses without clean running water nor proper sewage/trash disposal. Sad but not unexpected legacy of Jim Crow.

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      • Redhand says:

        I like that last paragraph. I remember scenes like you describe in the Murrican South when I lived in Georgia in the 1950s (Albany, GA, to be exact, check it out with Dr. Google) and in Louisiana in the early 1960s. About places like this in the “Old South” I have a “Forget it Jake; it’s Chinatown” feeling.


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