Joe Manchin’s Demands Must Be Met!

“For ME?!”
Joe Manchin’s demands must be met!

Our Failed Political Press ™ finally says what we’ve been telling them forever, and they drop it inside a random paragraph instead of the lede:

“Joe Manchin, the powerful West Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate energy panel and earned half a million dollars last year from coal production, is preparing to remake President Biden’s climate legislation in a way that tosses a lifeline to the fossil fuel industry — despite urgent calls from scientists that countries need to quickly pivot away from coal, gas and oil to avoid a climate catastrophe.”

Manchin has always been a coal guy, his donors are coal guys, and he has his own coal mine. We’ve said it since the beginning: it’s always all about him.

His concern is not about the miners, his concern is about the owners. He doesn’t want to be left owning a worthless hole in the ground and have an EPA superfund site.

Clearly, he can be bought off (see coal mine ownership, above),  get out the checkbooks and buy-back the mines.

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3 Responses to Joe Manchin’s Demands Must Be Met!

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    I will be so happy if/when the Democrats expand their majority in the Senate, even if it’s only by a few seats, so that they don’t have to keep kowtowing to this flatulating butthead (h/t Scrooged).

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