Our Failed Political Press Fails, Part Infinity

Depends upon how the media frame it

The framing of this Axios story bothers me (weird formatting is theirs):

Scoop: Biden bombs with Manchin

President Biden failed to persuade Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to agree to spending $3.5 trillion on the Democrats’ budget reconciliation package during their Oval Office meeting on Wednesday, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.

Um, how aboutManchin Bombs Biden Agenda, you know, if they want to keep the headline click-baity (is too a wurd!). Who is the actor, what is the action? They get it right in their patented sing-song structured way:

Why it matters: Defying a president from his own party — face-to-face — is the strongest indication yet Manchin is serious about cutting specific programs and limiting the price tag of any potential bill to $1.5 trillion. His insistence could blow up the deal for progressives and others.

And it goes into their relationship, blah-blah-blah.

The media is constantly framing everything as a Biden Failure, even the fluctuations in his popularity polling, which remains way above Hair Füror’s, but that fact does not that fit into their Dims in Disarray outline.

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6 Responses to Our Failed Political Press Fails, Part Infinity

  1. genelms says:

    I am still trying to determine if our political press is intentionally or incidentally aiding and abetting the destruction of our Democracy.

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  2. Redhand says:

    Fucking Manchin! I’m growing to despise him.


  3. R White says:

    I’m guessing the worthless MSM will never ask Manchin how beneficial those dark money donations from Charles Koch are for him and his skanky daughter while his constituents starve.


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