Vaccine Mandates: A Private Sector Success Story

It seems that vaccination mandates actually, you know, work:

Delta Air Lines official says 4,000 unvaccinated employees got shots after surcharge announcement

Delta Air Lines’s chief health officer announced last week that 4,000 unvaccinated employees got inoculated after the company announced that it was adding a $200 monthly surcharge on its health care plan for employees who were not vaccinated.

Henry Ting, during a media briefing with the Infectious Diseases Society of America, said almost 20 percent of the 20,000 unvaccinated Delta employees moved to be inoculated after CEO Ed Bastian announced the new surcharge policy on Aug. 25.

He also said that the company has not seen any turnover or resignations in response to the new policy, according to

That sounds like a successful carrot-stick strategy, and note that last paragraph: none of ’em quit.

This also sounds like a good carrot-stick strategy: Los Angeles will require proof of vaccination at indoor bars, nightclubs, wineries, and breweries. It’s like what France did that got Parisians vaccinated practically overnight.

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3 Responses to Vaccine Mandates: A Private Sector Success Story

  1. He also said that the company has not seen any turnover or resignations in response to the new policy

    And here I am, having been reliably told by bidness ‘leaders’ and many impassioned LTTE that thousands of lucrative jobs in the service industry, willing to pay up to a dollar more than minimum wage are being left vacant because communists serfs lazy moochers don’t want to die of covid or, you know, get paid shit to be treated like shit.

    I’m sure most of those places would gladly accomodate your unvaccinated ass if it was that important…

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    So, saving 200 bucks a month is the going rate for getting a vaccine. Interesting idea. Let’s apply that across the board with health plans and get some more results.
    Got to get these fools vaccinated.


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