RIP, Norm MacDonald

The comic was 61 and he had a near decade fight against cancer.

I remember MacDonald as one of the funny Weekend Update hosts back in the ’90s; just dead pan slaying it —especially the OJ news. Of course he was much more than SNL, but that’s where I first saw him and what I thought of first, but he kept producing up to the end.

Norm MacDonald, you will be missed.

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9 Responses to RIP, Norm MacDonald

  1. No! Not PIIIDGE!!!

    (Norm was the voice of Pidge on the actually very funny Mike Tyson Mysteries series on Adult Swim. )

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    Norm’s last appearance on Letterman:

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    This was a shock, I had no idea he was sick.

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  4. moeman says:

    One of my all time faves. Smart, sarcastic, made you think and laugh out loud at the same time.

    Rest In Peace Norm

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    • moeman says:

      I’ll let Dave say it better than I could;

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  5. Redhand says:

    Norm MacDonald at 61. Man, oh, man. I always get a sinking feeling when someone famous but significantly younger than I am dies like this. In the last couple of years, I watched a lot of his stuff on YouTube. Truly one of a kind! Now gone.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    Whenever Norm MacDonald appeared on my TV I knew I would be laughing, he never disappointed, what a loss.


  7. pagan in repose says:

    I like the way his even catches Jerry off guard with his rapier like wit.


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