‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

So lifelike.

I never try to hide my loathing for Facebook and Faceberg. The thing is, Faceberg gives us so many reasons to hate his vile products. Today, we learn of two:

Facebook reportedly exempted high-profile users from its rules

Facebook reportedly exempted millions of high-profile users, including celebrities and politicians, from some or all of its community standards, apparently contradicting the social network’s public statements that its rules apply to everyone.

You don’t say? You mean that if you are rich/powerful/famous one set of rules apply to you and another set of rules to everyone else? Who does Facebook think it is, the Senate?

The Wall Street Journal, citing internal documents, reported Monday that the world’s largest social network created a program known as Cross Check, or XCheck, that shielded public figures from the company’s rules against harassment and incitement to violence. The documents, for example, revealed that Facebook allowed Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. to post nude photos of a woman who accused him of rape before it pulled down the content, according to the report. Some high-profile users who were exempted from content moderation enforcement shared false claims, including about vaccines.

And that’s how people like Jenny McCarthy (Queen of the anti-vaxxers) got their stories amplified.

Also Facebook:

Facebook knows Instagram is bad for teenagers’ mental health

  • Instagram makes teen girls feel worse about themselves, Facebook internal researchers reportedly found.
  • Those findings were consistent across the past several years, the Wall Street Journal reported.
  • Some teens using Instagram said using the service directly led to suicidal thoughts.

“Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse,” a Facebook internal document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal said. “Comparisons on Instagram can change how young women view and describe themselves.”

Those findings were consistent across the last several years of internal research, according to the report.

In 2019, a Facebook internal presentation, viewed by the WSJ, said of Instagram, “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.”

Shut it down, break it up. There is nothing good about Facebook.

UPDATE 1: More…

Facebook Is Raking It in With Shady Anti-Abortion Ads


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  1. Instagram makes teen girls feel worse about themselves, Facebook internal researchers reportedly found.

    Gee, hoocoodaknowed that a social media giant that began as a [checks notes] ‘hot or not’ rating system for (as they undoubtedly called them!) ‘females’ on campus would possibly grow into a full-on negging empire??? What’s a little light teen suicide against [checks notes] actively supporting genocide and terrorism worldwide.

    Note: this isn’t entirely on Faceberg; it is the insanely toxic, racist, misogynistic and sociopathic Randian dudebros-with-billions culture of Silicon Valley that has done this to us. If it weren’t for that, all of these giant services would be run differently, but a LOT of it is on Faceberg because he IS one of those toxic, racist, misogynistic and sociopathic Randian dudebros with billions.

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