Area Billionaire Not So Bad, Maybe

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy

Ah, Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy, which prides itself on poaching company headquarters to move to its libertarian paradise, is having a bit of a PR problem:

Salesforce offers to relocate employees and their families after Texas abortion law goes into effect

Salesforce told thousands of employees in a Slack message on Friday that if they and their families are concerned about the ability to access reproductive care in the wake of Texas’ aggressive anti-abortion law, the company will help them relocate…

“These are incredibly personal issues that directly impact many of us — especially women,” Salesforce told employees in the message, which CNBC obtained. The company did not take a stance on the law. “We recognize and respect that we all have deeply held and different perspectives. As a company, we stand with all of our women at Salesforce and everywhere.”

The note continues, “With that being said, if you have concerns about access to reproductive healthcare in your state, Salesforce will help relocate you and members of your immediate family.”

Look, I’d get out before Ted Cruz migrates south for the winter.

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    Texit rules!

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