2022 Prime Directive: Elect More Dems To Senate

Oh, Hi Joe Manchin

“For ME?!”
Joe Manchin’s demands must be met!

In our on-going feature of Terrible Human Beings Being Terrible or Oh, Hi Joe Manchin!, [/end Bullwinkle voice-over], today we present…

Scoop: Manchin backs as little as $1 trillion of Biden’s $3.5 trillion plan

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has privately warned the White House and congressional leaders that he has specific policy concerns with President Biden’s $3.5 trillion social spending dream — and he’ll support as little as $1 trillion of it.

  • At most, he’s open to supporting $1.5 trillion, sources familiar with the discussions say.

It’s not just that Joe Manchin could be the destroyer of democracy (Hello filibuster reform) in denying HB1 and HB4, or that he will block un-packing the Supreme Court, or any number of things, Joe Manchin knows at this moment he is the kingmaker and you better believe he is shaking us down as best he can. In the finest tradition of the Senate, of course.

I’m sure that bribing a senator as best one can is the subtext of the scoop and each Amero between where he stands now and what he will support later comes with some awkward strings attached, like

“Is it irresponsible to speculate?   It would be irresponsible not to.” – Bacardi Lifetime Achievement Winner, Peggy Noonan, Wall St. Journal, April 2000.

keeping his daughter out of the federal sneezer (Hat tip Scissorhead M Davis):

HEATHER BRESCH, the former president and CEO of the drugmaker Mylan, worked directly with the CEO of Pfizer to keep prices of the company’s EpiPen product artificially high, according to new documents released as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

The documents also show Bresch approving a scheme to force customers, captured by the company’s monopoly, to purchase two EpiPens at once, regardless of medical need. The EpiPen is an auto-injectable device that injects epinephrine into the body and can be the difference between life or death for a person suffering a severe allergic reaction.

…which is rather similar to what convicted “Pharmacy Bro” Martin Shkreli did with a common AIDS medicine, so you know, fine people the entire Manchin Clan.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the final deal is and how Joe Manchin’s bottom line improves. As we keep saying, elect more Democrats to the Senate so this horrible man has no more power. It’s our 2022 Prime Directive.

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7 Responses to 2022 Prime Directive: Elect More Dems To Senate

  1. Sadly PharmaBro did not get sent to the sneezer because of that, but unrelated financial shenanigans. And Mini-Manchin isn’t going to be risking her freedumb, just money…which is usually more important to the likes of her. So she can count on appeals courts overturning any award the jury might impose because all pigs people are equal, it’s just that some p[igs are more equal than others…

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    • tengrain says:

      Point of clarification: I never said that was what got Pharma Bro in jail, but it is what he did. It might have gotten him noticed.

      The Right values money above all else and power in the pursuit of money.



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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Should certainly avoid electing Greenies who change to Dem to run for the Senate.

    I’m thinking The Other Joe is enjoying his 15 seconds of fame, may even be thinking of parlaying that into a run against President Joe, or Vice President Harris. His M/O is to make a lot of noise and then go with the flow. We shall see what we shall see.

    “Electing more dems” is a band-aid …


    • tengrain says:

      Ten Bears –

      When the patient has a gaping wound, EMTs will tell you that the goal is to keep them breathing. Electing more Dems (to the Senate and elsewhere) is the equivalent of keeping democracy breathing.

      I agree with your sentiment, however.




    • To be fair to Sinema, she switched from Green to Dem long before her run for US senate; She ran as a Green for her first run at AZ House and lost, switched parties and ran again as a Dem in 2004, won, served a couple terms in the state House, went to the state senate, then on to Ed Pastor’s old seat in the US House then to the Senate.

      Her record until now has actually been pretty good…I don’t know what has happened to her, honestly.


      • Ten Bears says:

        I leaned Green for a long time, in spite of or perhaps logically so (for the time) bein’ a Fourth Generation Oregon Logger. When we measure the success of Putin’s Plan to fuck things up around here, how he coopted Jill Stein and her I’m A Stone Cold Fucking Racists VP Candidate has gotta’ rank right up there with the trumpsucking. The Greens lost face around the world and yeah, it’s kinda’ sad. Odd but, for a time, reen was a good fit.

        It’s a love affair. There isn’t a Logger that doesn’t love the woods …

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