Infrastructure Weak*

Joe Biden
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This is President Handsome Joe Biden’s schedule today according to Der Tiger Beat auf dem Potomac (thanks Charlie and Watertiger!) email thingie:


— 8:30 a.m.: The president will receive the President’s Daily Brief.

— 9:50 a.m.: Biden will depart the White House en route to Hillsborough Township, N.J., where he is scheduled to arrive at 11:40 a.m.

— 12:15 p.m.: Biden will receive a briefing from local leaders on the impacts of Hurricane Ida.

— 2:10 p.m.: Biden will tour a neighborhood affected by Ida in Manville, N.J.

— 3:10 p.m.: Biden will travel to Queens, N.Y., where he is scheduled to arrive at 3:35 p.m.

— 4 p.m.: Biden will tour a neighborhood in Queens and deliver remarks on the administration’s response to Ida.

— 5:40 p.m.: Biden will depart Queens to return to the White House, where he is scheduled to arrive at 7:15 p.m.

We mention this because Handsome Joe is going to look at damage from Hurricane Ida in the North East. And this brings us squarely into the realm that our Climate Crisis is absolutely infrastructure-related (I assume by now everyone saw the flooded subways in NYC and submerged roads everywhere and while I might be a field commander in the War on Cars, I recognize we need roads to get stuff moved around, including electric buses for people), and that we all need both of the infrastructure bills passed.

CNN tells us:

(CNN)As Democratic lawmakers begin crafting a massive $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package this week, a coalition of prominent environmental groups is asking them to include between $577 billion and $746 billion for key climate provisions.

In a letter delivered to members of Congress on Tuesday and shared exclusively with CNN, groups including the League of Conservation Voters, Climate Power, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for American Progress and the Sierra Club laid out what they called a “climate test” of programs they want lawmakers to support, including a Clean Electricity Payment Program, tax credits for clean energy and electric vehicles, and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

The groups also laid out the minimum amount of funding they want to see allotted to each program, which they say are estimates to give lawmakers a sense of the scale of spending they want to see.

“The point of the climate test is to say it’s all the red line,” Christy Goldfuss, senior vice president of energy and environment policy at the Center for American Progress, told CNN, indicating the groups consider the entire package of requests a must-pass. “If you look at the total package here, it’s a fraction of the $3.5 trillion they’re talking about.”

Anyway, I expect to hear as much about Infrastructure today as I do about Climate Crisis. They are absolutely linked.

*See what I did there? Apologies to everyone, except Scissorhead Jimmy-T who appreciates a really bad pun more than most.

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