Blessed are the plutocrats, for they shall inherit EVERYTHING

Z is for Zodiac, a letter in Cruz’ name!

Ayatollah Cruz remains a terrible human being:

Of course, nothing about living wages, improved working conditions, or safety against the Trump-Virus is in his compassionate message.

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  1. He is one of those people really REALLY pissed about how the 13th Amendment illegally restricted his HR policies.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Let us remember the increase in housing prices. Some young one posted average housing cost compared to minimum wage of $7.25 – starting with the recommendation of 1/4 of your income going to housing and a 40 hour work week, they came up with a recommended wage of $30+ per hour. I think it was also on White People Twitter.

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    • MDavis says:

      I don’t get the same numbers when I go look for starting points on my own, and I didn’t check the math… Maybe this was a bad comment.
      I did find, in my search, a thumbnail on COLA averages which pegged housing cost to 1/3 of income. Is that the new standard? Did the plutocrats push that? Are they edging toward recommending spending half your income on housing? Let’s ask Peggy Noonington.

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      • The standard used to be 25% of your household income as optimal, 33% if necessary, at least that’s what it was back in ’94 when we bought our house.

        I suspect they changed that when it became painfully obvious that people couldn’t manage that, because people were too damned attached to frivolities like [check notes] “flat screen teevees!” without ever mentioning that past the very first few years they were available, modern teevees are cheaper than televisions have ever been, in constant dollars. But apparently these are luxuries up there with air conditioning and refrigerators that the moochers think they deserve.

        Oh yeah, and ‘avacado toast’!!

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  3. o says:

    You first, Ted.

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  4. roket says:

    Give it time Ted. Trickle-down economics will work its magic eventually. Just you wait and see.


  5. pagan in repose says:

    Disaster Capitalizm.


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