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So I finished my week at Crooks and Liars doing the first post of the morning, Mike’s Blog Round-Up, and I thought I’d recap it with you, since I wasn’t around a lot this last week, though you might have seen me at your blogs. Heh.

I decided that the artist/songs should be cited and it really helped me when writing the head notes. Also, over the years I’ve gotten comments/questions about the music and it dawned on my that putting music at the top of these posts is sort of like the mix tapes I used to make. Sometimes you need to label the tape: dance/drive/make-out. You Scissorheads get the idea and I know Know KNOW that you have your own mix tapes. Hubba-hubba!

(Also: I’m an old: mix tapes that were actually cassettes; I wonder what the tech savvy, at-risk, callous Yutes of Today do: assemble a playlist? Hardly seems seduction-worthy.)

Click on the day of the week if you want to visit Crooks and Liars —and please do throw a few clicks their way. It’s extraordinary that they give their YUGE platform to a small-time mug like me to promote other bloggers.


Above: The Dandy Warhols perform “We Used To Be Friends” – Everyone is complaining about Our Failed Political Press™ Afghanistan coverage, but the problem isn’t journalism, the problem is punditry. Let’s explore!

Rotten in Denmark tells us that savvy punditry isn’t smart. Media criticism at its finest.

Green Eagle goes after the Afghan War pundits, too!

Annie Asks You found a pundit who got it right!

Hecatedemeter notes that the Dems are in array!

Bonus Track: Nestflix presents movies that don’t exist, but probably should. Some of ’em, anyway.


Above: TV On The Radio performs Trouble, and we hope the chorus is correct.

Today is the day that TFG negotiated to be America’s last day in Afghanistan. Get your Quatloos out: I wager that our Failed Political Press ™ will not cover (above the fold) the devastation from Hurricane Ida, they will ignore the pandemic (now nearing 600,000 dead) to focus instead on the alleged failure of evacuation of Afghanistan. For the sake of the official record, we note that the evacuation is by far the most successful in world history Anyone want to take that bet?

Zandar Versus The Stupid sees the convergence of Hurricane Ida, the pandemic, and the end of the eviction ban.

Stinque says we’re all living in a comic wasteland now.

Shower Cap’s Blog assesses the situation.

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Unherd asks us why does a genre obsessed with death attract the kindest people. Yup, the beautiful world of heavy metal.


Above: “Putting out fire with gasoline” – is the metaphor for the on-going coverage of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The silence of the press when TFG puts out statements that America should re-bomb Afghanistan “to get our equipment back,” our press continues to support that twice-impeached loser. Our bloggers go in!

Hackwhackers suggests that the media is trying to “Carter-ize” President Biden. Ooof, talk about a good metaphor!

Progressive Eruptions tells us the tragedy of Afghanistan.

The Carpentariat convinces us that some purges are good.

Just An Earth-Bound Misfit compares and contrasts US and the Soviet Union exits from Afghanistan.

Bonus Track: Open Culture makes the case that one man’s trash is another man’s archeology!


Above: Chvrches covers Echo and the Bunnymen’s The Killing Moon, and boy-howdy! talk about Fate Up Against Your Will, today we go to Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy.

Off the Kuff brings us up to speed on the Texas Heartbeat bill.

No More Mister Nice Blog sees the Texas law as another sign that the Democrats didn’t go full-throttle to the media. He has a point.

Lawyers, Guns & Money looks at what else Texas did: stripped voting rights.

The Psy of Life looks at the authoritarian impulse of Texas’ actions.

Bonus Track: The Curious Archive explains hilarious medieval illumination.


Above: Carl Sagan says, our world is a lovely pale blue dot in space, let’s not destroy it. Today we look at global climate change.

Homeless on the High Desert, who sometimes is called Cassandra’s Grandson, notes that sometimes the NYTimes gets something right: the weather, er, climate change!

Angry Bear rips a hole in the libertarian argument that we cannot afford to study the health effects of climate change.

The Moderate Voice says that the fire at Lake Tahoe was inevitable.

Bonus Track: The Digital Photography School has the finalists of the Bird Photographer of the Year. It is a beautiful world.


Above, Semisonic – Closing Time, which could be a metaphor for Choice in Texas, OR —as some of our bloggers note— Texas itself; there’s a boycott brewing with the hashtag #BoycottTexas.

The Rude Pundit talks about the hot earful garbage of that Texas law, too.

Infidel753 tells us about Texas’s revolutionary law.

The New Civil Rights Movement tells us that the Texas boycott is gathering steam!

Tell Me A Story lists some Texas’ companies we could boycott.

Bonus Track: We usually reserve this spot for a bit of pop culture, but today we go to Vagabond Scholar where our fellow curator Batocchio eulogizes the founder of Mike’s Blog Round-Up, Mike Finnigan. There’s a lot of music, a life well-lived.

Sunday (today!)

Above, The Cure classic ‘Just Like Heaven’ is the way I always feel at the end of the week here at Crooks and Liars.

Occasional Planet declares that progressives need to talk about abortion. Now is not the time be be polite!

Greg Fallis has thoughts.

The Recitifaction of Names says it’s all a medicine show.

And speaking of medicine, Fair and Unbalanced presents Pill Gouging and the Absence of Justice.

Bonus Track: tywkiwdbi presents NASA’s astronomy photo of the day, and I’m gob-smacked.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your week, I hope to be back soon!

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  1. Ten Bears says:

    For the record … When Donna and I called for a boycott of corporations located in Texas due to Texas’ lax tax laws, we were calling for a boycott of corporations located in Texas due to Texas’ lax tax laws. My mother lives in Texas, Donna’s nieces live in Texas. Our concern for family, for the individuals, the small business owners, is no different than our concern for those in Oregon, or Massachusetts. Our call was for a boycott of corporations that are located in Texas due to Texas’ lax tax laws.

    Don’t buy Poise panty-liners, or a Tesla

    Thanks Ten

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  2. GranDude says:

    Mix tapes, funny that… I watch a lot of auctions, follow craigslist and FB Marketplace and NEVER see cassettes. I see Laserdisc, CEDs, CDs, 8-tracks, records, wax cylinders… no cassettes. Are they completely dead or hugely popular?


  3. annieasksyou says:

    Well done, TG. And many thanks for your support.


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