We’re Back To The Pandemic High

This is on the selfish, cynical Republicans, never forget that as we head into another likely winter lock-down (and also the emergence of another viral mutation as it runs free in Possum Hollar):

“Nationally, covid-19 deaths have climbed steadily in recent weeks, hitting a seven-day average of about 1,500 a day Thursday, after falling to the low 200s in early July — the latest handiwork of a contagious variant that has exploited the return to everyday activities by tens of millions of Americans, many of them unvaccinated.”

In their zero-sum mentality, by getting vaccinated they are giving the Dems a win, and that cannot be allowed; after all, any win for the Dems is a loss for Hair Füror.

They are dying —literally— to own the Libs.


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11 Responses to We’re Back To The Pandemic High

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    Mission Accomplished!

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    “We’re Back To The Pandemic High” sounds like a flick about high school but with real (third) world consequences. I have zero sympathy for those who refuse vaccination. They refuse to listen to sound medical advise, but instead believe the BS found in social media accounts. It’s past time to cut them loose. Maybe when they lose their jobs because they refuse the jab, or when their insurance companies a few hundred dollars more a month to cover their useless asses, then we may finally have a mechanism to put the Darwin variant in the rear view mirror, but appealing to their intelligence just won’t work…

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  3. Oneofthebobs says:

    Fewer of the soldiers killed in Vietnam volunteered.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    I posted a few weeks ago about a friend’s 73 year old sister who KNEW Jesus would protect her from Covid-19, never mind the fact that He was on break when she developed diabetes and colon cancer. She was in the hospital for around three weeks. We found out she died last Saturday.

    Her daughter also skipped the vaccine, spent time in the hospital, and blames herself for her mother’s death. It’s hard to work up any sympathy for any avoidable death.


  5. Jimmy T says:

    I read today that venom extracted from the jararacussu pit viper found in Brazil can be processed and shows promise as a treatment for the Darwin variant…


    Then I wondered how the snake handlers from some Pentecostal groups in Trump country would treat the discovery. Then I found a pastor who committed his life to snake handling (you’ll never guess how he died). I’m guessing the Lord works in mysterious ways. I’m expecting the export of the jararacussu pit viper to be a real money maker for Brazilians of modest means…

    Oh, and this…


  6. lofgren says:

    The extremely high suicide rate among trans people is routinely offered by conservatives as proof that trans “ideology” is toxic and should be opposed through invasive state measures and social shaming.
    So what does that say about conservatives killing themselves by the thousands with COVID? Maybe somebody needs to ask them, “But dear, have you tried not being a conservative?”

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  7. Today I learned my idiot MAGAt brother…got vaccinated late in June; I’m hoping my idiot sister-in-law (with COPD!) who has reposted ‘OOh it changes your DNA’ idiocy has seen the light as well.


  8. pagan in repose says:

    This all reminds us of the days of wanting Obama to approve/not approve of things just to watch the Republicans do the opposite so they could “own” the Libs. Like having Obama agree with the anti-vac-cers and see if that doesn’t get them screaming for the shot. They are, after all, psycho about doing the opposite world, even if it kills them.

    At this point any health related warning from the Government would get them all riled up and raring to get sick just to do the opposite. How about some health warnings about gum disease and tooth decay, for starters. Just watching them trying to figure out how to get gum disease on purpose would be entertaining.


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