(UPDATED) That Didn’t Take Long

And now vigilantes are empowered across the New Confederacy, from Texastan to Floriduh.

UPDATE 1: South Doh!kota. – H/T longtime Scissorhead Lisa Golden via Twitter


In addition to Mississippi, GOP lawmakers and abortion opponents in at least five other Republican-controlled states — Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, North Dakota and South Dakota — said they were considering pushing bills similar to the Texas law and its citizen-enforcement provision.

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5 Responses to (UPDATED) That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Texass, where a virus has reproductive rights, but a woman doesn’t, regardless of the majority of Texans who think abortion should be legal. Yeah, the blowback is coming and the women and their male allies are pissed…

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to take before a version of the Little War from Logan’s Run takes place, only with the politicians getting strung up from lampposts being Trumplicans instead of people over 21 years of age?

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    The Pale Horsewoman of the Apocalypse is in …

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  4. purplehead says:

    All right Mr. Biden, listen to what Elie says, dammit. DO SOMETHING, BECAUSE YOU CAN. Dammit.

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  5. buckobear says:

    Is there a law against telling someone where to get a good glass of “lemonade?”


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