Notable Remora Host-less

Eat-up, sodomites

Senatorette Huckleberry Closetcase —having burned his bridge to suck-up remora-like to President Handsome Joe Biden with his cynical and baseless attack on Hunter Biden— has decided to go full McCain:

“We’re leaving thousands of Afghan allies behind who fought bravely with us. We’re gonna leave hundreds of American citizens behind. The chance of another 9/11 just went through the roof. These drone attacks will not degrade ISIS. The number of ISIS fighters have doubled. We’ve turned our back on our allies … and we set the conditions for another 9/11,” Graham said.

“I’ve never been more worried about an attack on our homeland than I am right now,” he added.

The American people disagree.

A new ABC News-Ipsos poll, fielded August 27-28, finds that the majority of the American public does not believe the withdrawal from Afghanistan will have a significant impact on American security from terrorism. This comes as just under a quarter of Americans describe themselves as ‘very worried’ about the possibility of a major terrorist attack in the United States. Despite this, large majorities of Americans believe U.S. troops should stay in Afghanistan until all Americans, and all Afghans who aided the U.S. are evacuated.

Last week, you might recall that the Senatorette was so miffed at being rejected that he called for President Handsome Joe’s resignation.

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6 Responses to Notable Remora Host-less

  1. Ten Bears says:

    I wonder if anyone will ever look into S Carolina’s voting irregularities this past November: the numbers didn’t add up. Wasn’t the only one …

    Be honest, I think if I were gay that’d make me go straight

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    There is no fury like a Lindsey scorned.

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  3. roket says:

    And just exactly what is the stance of Ms. Lindsey (R-Q) on bringing Afghan refugees into this country? Bet he treats them just like a fetus.

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  4. R White says:

    No one should ask this tiresome uncle mary his opinion on anything relevant, especially not after he just gargled his favorite orange-tinted mushroom.


  5. RWW says:

    Miss Lindsey is worried about possible future attacks on the ‘Homeland’ by unknown persons on the other side of the world. He couldn’t care less about the actual attack that occurred on January 6th led by his hero Trump, and he most assuredly is all in favor of another insurrection just like it.

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  6. Richard Portman says:

    The guy should retire. He is not useful and he has plenty of money. I’m tired of him.
    As a gay person, i understand some things. Maybe he has put his whole life in to this identity.
    Who knows how many lies he has told? How many sneaky deals has he made?
    It is not too late Senator Lindsey Graham, you can still save your self respect. No matter how far you go down the wrong road, you can still turn back.


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