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Mark Sanford calls Graham ‘a canary in the coalmine’ on GOP’s relationship with Trump

Here’s the operative quote:

“But I would use him as a canary in the coalmine and the degree to which he has doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on Trump says everything. Whether you like him or not, he has a good political nose for his base,” Sanford wrote in his memoir, “Two Roads Diverged,” set to be released Tuesday.

Honey, it’s not his nose.

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10 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    The silver lining, I suppose, is that when things go wrong the canary is the first to go. Wishful thinking, I know.

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  2. sleeve98 says:

    OMG, ‘Grain, check your horror-scope, ’cause the stars, they are aligned:

    …a fan named Paul offered his thoughts. “I once escaped from a venue that looked like this,” said the York, Pa., resident, adding, “Phenomenal trolling job….”


  3. R White says:

    So the guy who couldn’t admit to having an affair where he illegally spent state funds on his personal expenses traveling to South America and later lied about it by saying how he was hiking the AT is now declaring that DC’s worst kept secret and infamous bottom, lady G, is a wise oracle of trumpism? FFS

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      Trekking on the Appalachian Trail
      Tracking down Argentinian tail

      Nearly the same thing, give the guy a break.


  4. Because Mark Don’t Cry for My Argentine Mistress Sanford is such an authority on political authenticity..

    I repeat, Lindsey is a human remora, who attaches himself to the largest nearby predator.

    Although it was initially believed that remoras fed off particulate matter from the host’s meals, this has been shown to be false; in reality, their diets are composed primarily of host feces

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  5. roket says:

    I prefer not to think about where Lindsey’s nose has been, thank you very much.


  6. Ten Bears says:

    Funny how there were reported irregularities in the S Carolina and Kentucky votes, perhaps even Maine: the numbers weren’t adding up and wo! the votes were certified and the Senatorettes and Manchurian Senator ~ married to a commie chinee princess ~ retain their seats at the ball game.

    Even funnier how the links I saved don’t go anywhere …


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