2024 Goat Rodeo Prediction

New York magazine prepared the Racing Forum for 2024: It’s Hair Füror’s nomination!

There’s something unusual about the invisible primary this time: the lurking presence of Trump. Potential candidates have to navigate not just the potential for him to run again for the Republican nomination in 2024, but the risk of doing anything to raise the ire of the South Florida retiree…

In conversations with over a dozen Republican activists and operatives, both in early states and nationally, everyone thought that there was a chance that the former president could run again and everyone had their own odds. Some thought it was unlikely, some thought it was likely but the one thing everyone agreed upon is that Trump’s final decision was impossible to predict and to plan for.

We’re in 2021 and they are telling us that 2024 is his. That’s a mighty leap of faith to put on a man who might be in jail/insane asylum/grave (Dawg willing) by then.

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  1. Ten Bears says:

    I’m not a gambling man but if I were I’d be betting on Cheney ’24

    There are a lot of “Independents” out there that used to be Republicans, and it won’t take much for them to be Republicans again. Reasonable, “responsible” Republicans like Cheney and Romney are increasingly attractive. The base, the thirty percent, are going vote repub no matter who’s on the ticket, but the repubs need more than the thirty percent, they have to reach out to the less extreme, the more moderate – the reasonable – conservative, voters.

    Steve M has an interesting example: Connecticut’s 36th Legislative District, a traditionally repub district that in yesterday’s special election elected a repub “representative”, in ’16 and ’20 went for both Clinton and Biden, not because of ideological principle but because as decent, upstanding Americans and not loudmouth thugs Donald Trump was white-trash and they weren’t going to vote for white-trash. They voted for someone who presented themself as a decent, upstanding American and not a loudmouth thug. For someone more like them.

    The democrats apparently don’t seem to know that. Better figure it out quick.

    I warned ya’. Month or so ago: Beware the rise of the “Responsible Republicans” ~


    • Aaaaand that kerthump kerthump sound you’re about to hear is the panicked Dems throwing the Democratic wing of the party under the bus in a rush to be:

      ‘Republikin-Lite’ “Less Taste, Less Filling, Less Electable.”

      Forever doomed to not learn the lessons of 2010, 2012, and 2014, aren’t we?

      SteveM had some hysteria on how ‘Defund the police” nearly caused the Dems to lose the house in 2020, even though that wasn’t something that any of them ran on, and continues like all the pundit class up and down from the FTFNYT down to bloggers this nonsense.

      defund the police wasn’t something that arose from careful consideration of messaging and political consutation but was a loud and raw cri de coeur from the people protesting their brutal occupation by police forces across the country.

      It was not the place of elected Dems to tell them what was acceptable or not.

      Of COURSE it got picked up by the Fascists Goopers and used as a weapon. Hell, ‘Lets feed school kids more nutritious meals with fresh vegetables’ was picked up and used as a weapon by the fascist Goopers.

      Our existence is used as a weapon by the Facist Goopers.

      (and besides, Ferchrissake, funding the police is swallowing city budgets everywhere. 70,80, even 95% of city revenues going to it. We are literally living in a police state. )

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      • tengrain says:

        The Peoples Republic of Seattle is already making baby steps to take stuff away from the Police; I’m not convinced that it is meaningful yet:

        • The Traffic enforcement
        • 911 dispatching

        There probably is more that I am not aware of, those were just things I read in the local press recently. The budget for both those things moved with them, too, but it is hardly defunding the police.



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    • tengrain says:

      I’ve learned to rarely bet against Cassandra’s Grandson ™.



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    • MDavis says:

      That would be orange trash, but trash is trash.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    “Jail/insane asylum/grave”
    Forgot the nursing home.

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  3. roket says:

    It would be irresponsible not to speculate that he’s going to milk that cow for as long as she gives milk. Howsomever, if he starts getting booed more often he may get tired of playing that game and auction the cow off to the highest bidder. {My apologies to Devin Nunes Cow}

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  4. I may live in so-called “liberal” New York State but I see “Trump 2024” banners & signs EVERYWHERE. Especially when you get out of the city & into the rural areas. If he’s not running, he’s definitely making money off the idea that he is.


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