Great Signs, Cont.

I spot a future Scissorhead, god help those parents.

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  1. Oh yeah. Just a few months old and he has that snark face down pat. “I can barely make out your face because my eyes and brain are still figuring out how to work…but ISWYDT!”

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Here in Oregon all elective procedures have been cancelled due to the Darwin variant. The daughter and partner unit are expecting in November (and no six feet apart wasn’t an option because young, yet vaccinated, people). I’m hoping we’re going to be allowed in the hospital for a visit, but by all appearances Darwin and Mr D will still be raging. We were all expecting the pandemic to be in the rear mirror by now, but no. Those People who were and are being propagandized on social media, Faux Snooze, OAN, Newsmax, and assorted fringe radio hosts bought into the many lies. This will not end well, but those who survive will be the educated and believers in medical science…

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