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Regular readers know that the 70s Pop Culture fascinates me, from Andy Warhol to the weird clothes to, well, Studio 54. It seems like a strange and happy time before Saint Ronnie and the Republicans came along and wrecked everyone’s good time, and we’ve been on a downward spiral ever since.

I’m still reading from Vanity Fair’s archive Boogie Nights: An Oral History of Disco. It’s not an article, per se, but a series of one-paragraph remembrances from some of the key players who cumulatively give us the definitive story as they lived it.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    Me and Mr. Peabody had to get in the Way Back machine for this one, and I’m laying the “skinney” down and not “psyching” anyone out. But “The Man” had nothing on me, and that was so “far out” as to be in. I remember The Beatles breaking up, the Vietnam debacle ended poorly, and Jonestown. Was a good time to retreat into a hippy daze, getting stoned as often as possible, but then a highlight (non drug induced) was when I discovered Queen, and damn they were good…

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  2. Reagan and AIDS came in like wrecking balls on all that uplift social momentum that was the 70’s.
    When the beat drops on the BeeGees’s Stayin Alive or anything Blondie, parts of my body still start snapping spontainiously … that was my era for sure.


  3. Meremark says:

    So, then, what President ordered ‘Retreat’ from Vietnam? With the helicopter survivors picture…


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