We Report, You Decide

Fox News Hole-in-one!

Fox News has asked its employees to disclose their vaccination status

In a Tuesday memo updating staff on COVID-19 procedures, Fox News Media chief executive Suzanne Scott said that the company has “asked all employees—whether on site as part of our essential workforce or working remotely—to upload their vaccination status” into an internal database. “All employees must enter their status no later than today, August 17th, by close of business,” Scott wrote, bolding that particular sentence in her email, which was obtained by CNN Business, but first reported on by AdWeek.

Scott added that while masks remain optional for vaccinated employees, the company is “requiring employees to wear a mask in small, confined spaces with limited opportunities for social distancing and where there are multiple employees, including control rooms.”

…so of course  Thumbhead —who recently had a much-praised Come-to-Fauci moment— says:

And so again, we get into Tengrain’s Definition of Hypocrisy territory:

Hypocrisy is not about failing to live up to your standards. Hypocrisy is teaching/preaching something you clearly don’t actually believe as demonstrated by your actions.

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3 Responses to We Report, You Decide

  1. I’m certain Fucker Tarlson and Ilsa She-Wolf will loudly quit and flounce off to …well hell, I’m going to have to google…which is a the iggest non-Fox media cesspool this week?

    Ooh, Maybe they can go join Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan on substack.

    Be fun watching the contortions on Fuckers face as he interviews a gay conservative who hates black people almost as much as Fucker does.

    [Narrator] It wouldn’t. It’d just be that same old ball-peened concerned imbecile look.

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  2. roket says:

    I can’t wait to see the look on Tucker Swanson’s face when Health Insurance companies start mandating [free] vaccinations for mouth breathers in order for them to keep their health insurance. No, wait! I’ve already seen that look a gazillion times so never mind.

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