News That Will Drive You to Drink

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January 6 Sedition enthusiast and body-armor model Mo Brooks:


It’s not everyday that the Republicans say it so clearly: “We’re on the side of the white domestic terrorists. “

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10 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink

  1. schmice3 says:

    Sadly, the Democrats won’t show up to the polls but the fascists (those who aren’t convicted felons, of course), will.

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  2. he’s monitoring the situation from Alabama. How brave.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Motivation is not publicly known, my ass!

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  4. That is actually a fine art version of the “This is fine” graphic.

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  5. actually, these days, it is pretty much an everyday occurrence where the Republicans say they are in support of violent white suprwemacists.

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  6. And once again I find myself apologizing for my state of Alabama.🤦🏻‍♀️

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    • R White says:

      I gave up on that simple notion decades ago when I left for bluer pastures. Strange how a moron like Mo represents an area of that piss-poor state that isn’t so hostile to libs and minorities. But, it is a state that will forever be a tragic, never-ending joke.

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  7. roket says:


    “Sadly violence and threats of violence targeting America’s political institutions are far too common.”
    Yes. 1/6 & then today, while Congress is on break.

    “Dictatorial Socialism and its threat to liberty, freedom and the very fabric of American society.”
    Worst case of projection ever.

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  8. pagan in repose says:

    Mo is a Moo Cows rear flanks and that that drops from it while Moo Cow is being milked.

    Yes, I’ve been reduced to name calling these days. The daily bullshit coming from the right and the Billionaire media is just so atrocious. Name calling is all I have energy for anymore. They don’t seem to listen anyway.


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