UPDATED: Domestic Terrorist in DC **SURRENDERS**

From Tiger Beat, so all the formatting is theirs:

UNFOLDING ON CAPITOL HILL — U.S. Capitol Police are investigating an “active bomb threat” from a man in a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the Library of Congress.

— Law enforcement officers from the FBI, Capitol Police and MPD are on the scene and have deployed snipers, per the AP.

— Capitol Police tell reporters that the manseen here in a black truck — displayed what appeared to be a detonator. He’s communicating with law enforcement via a dry-erase board.

— The man “is from North Carolina, and they say he is expressing anti-government views,” reports NBC’s Pete Williams. “My understanding is they looked into his history, and he does have some criminal violations in his past.”

— The man was live-streaming his attack on Facebook for a time,directly addressing President JOE BIDEN and demanding his resignation. “The revolution is on,” the man said at one point.

— The Capitol Hill complex is locked down, Metro trains are bypassing the nearby Capitol South station, and nearby buildings have been evacuated as negotiators try to resolve the situation. More from Nicholas Wu, Heather Caygle and Sarah Ferris

This situation comes as lawmakers are on recess. Even so, the incident will rattle all Hill dwellers. Emotions are still high after the Jan. 6 riot, and this latest threat will understandably resurface anxieties.

— It’s the second such situation since the storming of the Capitol. USCP officer WILLIAM EVANS was killed in early April when an intruder rammed him and another officer.

And now let’s wager on how long before Our Failed Political Press starts to humanize this white MAGA guy as misunderstood, or having a bad day or some such thing…


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19 Responses to UPDATED: Domestic Terrorist in DC **SURRENDERS**

  1. osirisopto says:

    Act one, scene 3.

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    How many quatloos would you bet that if he wasn’t whiter than Liquid Paper, snipers would have taken him out with a head shot within 30 seconds of arriving on the scene?

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    • tengrain says:

      I’ve read that he is using a Dead Man’s Switch on the explosive. Also: there are alleged to be 4 others elsewhere in DC.



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      • purplehead says:

        Via WaPo:

        …Two law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation identified the man as Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina.
        At one point, a man who appeared to be in a pickup truck was live-streaming outside the area, talking about a revolution, calling on “other patriots,” and trying to get President Biden on the phone. The Facebook live videos of the man who apparently is in the standoff with Capitol Police show what looks to be a bomb in his lap. He is holding a large canister with a battery-powered device on top. He also claims to have ammonium nitrate in the toolbox of his truck. He said the device is sound-activated, and will only go off if the truck windows break by a bullet or other means.
        He claimed other vehicles in the area were set to explode and was waiting for Biden’s call.
        “If you blow my truck up, It’s on you, Joe, I’m ready to die for the cause,” the man said in the video that came from a profile named Ray Roseberry….

        Ahhhh. Yes. Facebook. Facebook is always involved in this deep shit.

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      • Martin Pollard says:

        I thought that might have been the case; we’ll probably find out for certain now that he’s surrendered (but only after they’ve taken him to BK for a Whopper, of course).

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  3. quakerinabasement says:

    Let the mad fundraising rumpus begin!

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  4. spotthedog says:

    Sat there long enough to get a little hungry and/or sober?

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  5. R White says:

    The worthless beltway media has already stated how this redneck asshole was having a tough time due to his mother’s recent death and expects a pat on the head and a cookie from president Biden for his troubles. Like scissorhead Martin suggested above, he would be roadkill now if his skin was any shade darker.

    On the other hand, looks like the culprit who was responsible for gas station bathroom graffiti proclaiming that ‘the south would rise again,’ has been caught…

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    • Buttermilk Sky says:

      Sha’Carri Richardson had trouble handling her mother’s death and all she got was kicked out of the Olympics. She should have blamed Biden and built a bomb instead of smoking a joint.

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  6. Just another tourist enjoying the sights!

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  7. roket says:

    Bummer. His plan may have worked 6 days ago.


  8. Mo brooks already chimed in to announce “It was SoCiAlIsM whut drove this good patriot over the edge!”

    My patience for these wastes of air is getting mighty mighty thin…

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    • R White says:

      Mo must have dirt on Merrick Garland given that he bravely instigated more acts of violence after today;s turn of events coupled with the tragic events of 1/6, where Mo in true form, instigated violence against out government.

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  9. soon to be a correspondent on OAN, if not Fox.

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  10. well, thank GAWD he wasn’t carrying a toy gun./…

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  11. After January 6., you kind of understand his planning thinking he would be able to drive right up to the buildings with nobody stopping him.

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  12. Ed says:

    Floyd, Floyd… Silly boy, didn’t you get the memo? You’re supposed to perform these redneck stunts in blackface.


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