(UPDATED) Vaxx Americana*

On one hand, the vast majority of Americans follow public-health guidelines and are willing to sacrifice for one another; on the other it’s A-OK to infect children with the Trump-Virus to smite thine enemies!

According to an Axios/Ipsos poll:

Most Americans favor mandates

Most Americans support mandating masks in schools and vaccinations to return to the workplace, and they oppose states’ efforts to ban such moves, according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

But, but, but: The survey finds the Republican base going against the grain so disproportionately that it helps explain the defiant postures of many red-state governors…

By the numbers: Overall, 69% of respondents [Ed. Note: SEXXXY! – TG]  support their local school districts requiring everyone — including teachers, students, and administrators — to wear masks in schools. But that was true for just 44% of Republicans, compared with two-thirds of independents and nine in 10 Democrats.

  • 64% of respondents support state and local government mandates requiring masks to be worn in all public areas.
  • Just one in three Americans supports state laws prohibiting local governments from requiring masks (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued executive orders banning mask requirements in schools).
  • But that number masks a big partisan gap: 57% of Republicans support those laws, compared to just 16% of Democrats.
  • There’s widespread opposition across party lines to states withholding funds from schools or local governments that require masks, as DeSantis threatened to do.
  • 55% of Americans support companies requiring all employees to be vaccinated to return to the workplace — that’s nearly eight in 10 Democrats but just three in 10 Republicans…

The intrigue: In a new question this week, respondents were asked how much trust they place in conservative news — and about one in three of both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans said they have a great or fair amount of trust.

    • But among the unvaccinated, conservative news actually holds the highest trust share compared with how the view network TV, national papers and cable.
    • Those who have been vaccinated say they have much higher levels of trust in newspapers and network TV.

And so with that as the background, what is in the foreground? Booster Shots: The CDC will recommend that vaccinated Americans should get booster shots to protect us against the Delta variant.

Everyone who received two jabs this past winter will be eligible for boosters starting next month. (Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is still in clinical trials, but it will also be recommended for booster shots.)

UPDATE 1: Yup, it’s official

*Sorry I couldn’t resist, and Scissorhead Jimmy-T would go there if I didn’t.

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