Some Missing Context (Afghanistan, again)

We continue to be shocked, shocked I say!, that the US State Department was unable to recover from being hollowed out by the 4th Reich, and then undermined / converted into  household staff for social climbers M. and Mme. Pompeo’s in less than a year, and ultimately servants and entertainers at their intimate Madison Dinner Parties during the pandemic.

And now, some of that missing context that our Failed Political Press ™ cannot seem to find:


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  1. Bruce388 says:

    The new president of Afghanistan on the right.
    MAGAt who thinks he’s presidential material on the left.

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  2. This is worth spending one of your WaPo freebies on;

    In the summer of 2011, Army Lt. Gen. William Caldwell IV made a round of public appearances to boast that he had finally solved a problem that had kept U.S. troops bogged down in Afghanistan for a decade. Under his watch, he asserted, U.S. military advisers and trainers had transformed the ragtag Afghan army and police into a professional fighting force that could defend the country and keep the Taliban at bay.

    [Narrator] “They had NOT, in fact, transformed the ragtag Afghan army and police into a professional fighting force”

    The forthcoming book is called “Pentagon Papers II: Pashtun Boogaloo.”, sorry, it’s: “The Afghanistan Papers: The Secret History of the Afghan War” Hell, and they didn’t even have to get it from a whistleblower, and go to the Supreme Court to get it published, this time.


  3. T_Reg says:

    The Mullah’s story is worth reviewing. Co-founder of the Taliban (according to a BBC report). Fought the Soviets, fought the Northern Alliance, fought the Americans. Captured – in Pakistan – by the ISI and the CIA. Released per Trump’s request (I’d like to know the story behind that deal). He practically personifies recent Afghanistan history.


    • Ten Bears says:

      Something about that, I don’t know … echo’s? More like the theorizations I read following the Boxer Day earthquake and tsunami that the planet was for up to a year afterwards ringing (and may have shifted slightly on our axis). One man’s Freedom Fighter …


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