Our Failed Political Press ™ Discovers Afghanistan

Our Failed Political Press ™ hardly at work

Our Failed Political Press ™ continues to ignore context, and so 20 years of forever wars ending on month 7 of President Handsome Joe Biden’s first term is naturally his fault/failure, and the same wise people stroking their chins for 40 Friedman units are still demanding more F.U.s.

“It’s the optics, man” was a theme on Twitter last night. “This looks bad for Biden” is the theme this morning, and Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) email thingie goes long in the head notes (and this is just the last 3 of about 20):

THE VIEW FROM THE WEST WING: We don’t pretend to know whether Biden was right or wrong about the long-term impact of the fall of Kabul. But we’ve seen dramatic foreign policy events burn brightly and then fade from the political debate just as quickly. On the big question of the drawdown, the White House has no regrets. “Events of the past few days have just reconfirmed that the POTUS decision to leave was right,” a senior official told us last night. “Can’t ask Americans to fight a civil war that the Afghan army refuses to fight.”

On the question of whether the bungled evacuation effort can be salvaged, we see an administration quickly pivoting to fix the problem. “Now we have to do the mission of securing the airport and get our people and allies and Afghan helpers out,” the official said. Now that the airport has been secured, this official said they could move 5,000 people a day out of the country and finish the job in a matter of “days hopefully.”

Will this be a presidency-defining debacle that we are talking about for years to come? Or will it disappear from the front pages? The answer may depend on the success or failure of the currently chaotic American evacuation effort — and how the Taliban respond to it.

And continues their theme of Bungling Biden in the, uh, sub notes:

While team Biden is often unflappable in the face of bad news, the AP reports that the president “and other top U.S. officials were stunned on Sunday by the pace of the Taliban’s nearly complete takeover of Afghanistan.”

WaPo’s Anne Gearan and Cleve R. Wootson Jr. see POTUS’ statements about the situation as evidence of “an increasingly defiant and defensive tone from Biden and his aides amid criticism that Biden is condemning a U.S. partner to brutal rule by Islamist fundamentalists and opening the door to new terrorist threats.”

NYT’s David Sanger on Biden’s turn from domestic policy competence to foreign policy confusion: “Mr. Biden will go down in history, fairly or unfairly, as the president who presided over a long-brewing, humiliating final act in the American experiment in Afghanistan. After seven months in which his administration seemed to exude much-needed competence — getting more than 70 percent of the country’s adults vaccinated, engineering surging job growth and making progress toward a bipartisan infrastructure bill — everything about America’s last days in Afghanistan shattered the imagery.”

THE EVACUATION: “Rushed Evacuation in Kabul Highlights Disconnect in Washington,”by NYT’s Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt and Lara Jakes

“‘Saigon on Steroids’: The Desperate Rush to Flee Afghanistan,”by WSJ’s Yaroslav Trofimov, Dion Nissenbaum and Margherita Stancati: “The lucky few were already inside, crowded onto the last patch of government territory that hadn’t fallen to the Taliban. Outside, as thousands of civilians surged to break through the perimeter of Hamid Karzai International Airport, security forces fired gunshots into the air to force them back. …

“Inside the terminal, Afghans with small children sat dazed next to European special-forces operators with their sniper rifles and high-tech helmets equipped with night vision and infrared tags. Outside, the engines of helicopters and transport planes provided a steady, almost lulling, hum. Once in [a] while, groups of evacuees—the staff of the Indian embassy, or Bulgarian security contractors—donned helmets and body armor and set off toward their plane.”

And the words you will not read in any of these dramatic quotes are:

  • Bush
  • Cheney
  • Trump
  • Republicans

And that is how it is rolling this morning: our elite media has no idea how our military got into Afghanistan (it is apparently a complete mystery) or why they are there (another mystery) or what their mission was. (They had a mission?!)

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24 Responses to Our Failed Political Press ™ Discovers Afghanistan

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    SNAFUBAR barely begins to describe this fustercluck.

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    • it is the circular firing squad of a clusterfuck of shitting the bed.

      Also, what every dirty fucking hippie said was going to happen when Shrub got bored of it and decided to pivot to Iraq, the war they’d intended to gin up all along.

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  2. R White says:

    Funny how noted sexual harassment apologist savannah guthrie (having ignored matt lauer’s shitty behavior) this morning found her journalistic chops and asked those same set of idiotic questions to the undersecretary of state who unlike most, calmly and reassuringly reminded her of how Biden was left with nothing but a bad set of options moving forward while trying not to sigh too much.

    And no one at MSNBC thought to ask the dry-drunk, ex-coke fiend dubya’s moronic daughter jenna, who like soy blo, took a job away from an actual journalist, her take on another one her father’s lasting and numerous fuck-ups.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    Will this be a presidency-defining debacle that we are talking about for years to come? Or will it disappear from the front pages?

    That depends on if the president plays for team D or R.

    Let’s ask TFG…

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    • Yeah, the guy who set this in motion…or has everyone forgotten that? Remember? Last November? He negotiated with the Taliban, and set a May 1 (Mayday! Mayday!) date for full withdrawal.

      And the Afghani government discovered this happened when it broke on the news…because they weren’t invited to the negotiations.

      But sure It’s all Biden’s fault.

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  4. McDee says:

    The Afghan war was lost the day it began. They don’t call it the “Graveyard of Empires” for nothing. What the Afghans knew, and the Iraqis knew, and the Vietnamese knew, and the Americans will apparently never learn, and the American press will never comment on, is that eventually the Americans will leave. But, of course, not before spilling a lot of blood and spending a lot of money.

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    • pagan in repose says:

      Plus, any empire that invades another country can not keep it unless they displace the entire population. People will fight to the death and beyond for their own country. The soldiers that are the invaders have no vested interest in the country. Yes, eventually every empire leaves as the costs mount trying to keep the peace. People don’t take to having their property stolen by whatever means it happens, and if it is their country, even more so.


  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The ‘experts’ are saying that the fact that everything collapsed so quickly is proof that we should have stayed longer, but to me it is proof of just the opposite. It is clear now that 20 years of American lives and treasure have accomplished nothing and there’s absolutely no evidence that another 20 years would fare any better. Putting boots on the ground in Afghanistan was a very bad idea from the start. But why place the blame on those responsible who are Republicans when you can blame a Democrat.

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    • The ‘experts’ have made a very very good living for 20 years providing that expert advice.

      It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. –Upton Sinclair

      The generals and the defense contractors, and the “Experts” etc etc etc, made out very well over the last twenty years.

      Why, it’s almost as there is a large confluence of economic interests between the military, industry and foreign policy in this country to create and maintain a constant state of low-level conflict around the world.

      It is a quite complex confluence, I think, this military-industry thing…

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  6. Bruce388 says:

    Our reason for being in Afghanistan ended when Bin Laden was killed. 10 years ago.

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  7. Jimmy T says:

    I’m always amazed that the political press seems to have evolved from the shallow end of the gene pool. Rather than report about how improbable it was to transform a highly religious tribal society into a modern democracy and how to accurately point fingers at the true culprits (the dry drunk coke addict and his sidekick shotgunner Cheney) they seem to take the easy road and point fingers at the latest guy to occupy the Oval Office. It is both a shame and a sham, but so it goes ad infinitum…

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    • But Shrub gave them all the shivers when he strode across that Aircraft Carrier Deck like Captain Codpiece.

      I wish I could find it again, but I remember (damned Liberal Curse!) watching shrub talking to some special forces types headed to Afghanistan (or maybe it was Iraq) and waxing lyrical about how if he was younger , he’d want to join them for this adventure.

      A TeeVee very nearly gave it’s life that day; all for the want of a brick to hand to throw at it.

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    • Bruce388 says:

      Who knew a bunch of infidels from the other side of the world couldn’t transform a bunch of tribes living in the seventh century into a gleaming democracy in 20 years?

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  8. our elite media has no idea how our military got into Afghanistan (it is apparently a complete mystery) or why they are there (another mystery) or what their mission was. (They had a mission?!)

    “We have always been at war with EastAsia Afghanistan.”

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  9. Ten Bears says:

    You know that religiously racist, misogynous, homophobic, old testament authoritarian, dominionist Bush loving no doubt Trump voting sure as hell looks, sounds and smells like it bigot with half my education and half my experience but none-the-less in a position to get away with harassing and ultimately forcing me to quit the career I had worked fifteen years and invested tens of thousands of dollars in educational expenses to have? I was speaking out against going into Afghanistan just day’s after “9/11”, it may have cost me a career.

    LOL ~ cavemen hijacking airplanes with razors …

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    • The 9/11 hijackers were hardly ‘cavemen’…they were pretty uniformly highly educated, upper middle or upper class, well off Saudis and Egyptians. It was a well-planned, long project.

      And had that pantysniffing prig Ashcroft hadn’t been so dedicated to battling porn instead of active terrorist threats, we might have nipped it in the bud, err, the training center.

      The FBI had Mossasaui’s laptop in their possession in May, and they were denied getting a warrant to search it. Ashcroft personally did this.

      Multiple flight training centers had alerted the FBI about people who seemed to only want to know how to fly an airliner, not so much take off or land.

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      • Ten Bears says:

        Be that as it may, those three buildings were imploded in controlled demolitions, the planes were a beard, a distraction, a false flag. And if, just if, a bunch of cavemen did indeed hijack airplanes with razors in the most heavily guarded airspace in the known history of the universe it doesn’t speak too highly nor demonstrate too thoroughly the most heavily guarded airspace in the known history of the universe.

        GeeDubya may have for a time been the Worst President Ever, but the Cheney Administration accomplished everything it set out to.


      • R White says:

        And yet our idiotic military “leaders” fail to thoroughly vet young Saudi male military officers (most of whom are related to the corrupt royal family) sent here to our military flight schools for training. The mass shooting in Pensacola should’ve been a wake-up call and the worthless beltway media has forgotten about it, but alas…

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  10. sos says:

    If these are the elite journos just think how bad the second-rate are!


    • R White says:

      Or, maybe there are actual journos who see the hacks within the worthless beltway media and are determined to rewrite the script and take on the roles and responsibilities of real journalists once again…


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