Area Billionaire to Congress: I Want A Piece (of the Action)


Epstein-adjacent, hunka-hunka burning love Bill Gates is in the news (and not for his divorce or for tracking Americans with MS Vaccine 5G Technology, go figure!):

Bill Gates wants in on Congress’ big climate infrastructure push

His climate investment fund pledged $1.5 billion for a public-private partnership

The bipartisan infrastructure deal could unlock a new stream of private funding for climate tech — and Bill Gates wants in on the action. Gates’ climate investment fund says that if the infrastructure bill moves forward, it will match $1.5 billion in government funds and put that money toward projects that are developing green technologies.

Alert readers noticed that there is some use of the conditional voice in that statement: If the bill moves forward…

So it is both a bribe of sorts and a threat. And what happens if the deal falls apart? According to the W$J, he will fund the biggest projects but in Europe and Asia.

So definitely a bribe and a threat.

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4 Responses to Area Billionaire to Congress: I Want A Piece (of the Action)

  1. ehh, fine. so long as it gets spent, better his money spent on this than giant space dildoes.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    A worthy investment, unlike his peers. I’ve mentioned before space is a waste, we have more important things to do here. I’ve also mentioned that should we find a way off this ball of rock we will have been turned out of the garden. The biggest problem with that of course is not everyone will be turned out of the garden. Just a few. Not gonna’ pack ten and more billion people up and move them to another ball of rock. If Bill Gates wants to match government funding for worthwhile projects well then fuckin’ aeh yes, bring it on.

    I don’t have as big a problem with Bezos Compensation as I do Musk using his second-hand made in China earth boring machine to build rides at DisneyLand. Could be building neighborhoods.

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  3. TheOtherHank says:

    Or, we could, and I’m just thinking out loud here, tax the shit out of him and spend the money the way we see fit

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