Sunday Palate Cleanser

“Some Ranch dressing would not be unwelcome.”


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  1. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    I wonder if rabbits can be house-trained?
    I knew of someone back in my college days who had a pet rabbit (I never met either the bunny or its parent myself), and the anecdote was that the rabbit expressed its disapproval by thumping one of its back feet. (Just like Thumper in “Bambi”) — and that it thumped whenever the phone rang. This was way pre-cell phone, of course — back in hegemony of Bell Telephone, for which I nostalgically yearn. If I were a rabbit, I’d thump every time something electronic beeped at me.
    Pass the lettuce. That is one adorable little animal.

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  2. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. My first thought was wow, what an efficient shredder. Do they come in cross cut? How many sheeves can a single rabbit handle at a time? Do they jam, and if so what is the procedure to clear them. Do you smack their backside or let them chew on for a while. Heck I think we need an owners manual on these things.

    Love the video, thanks. It was the lighthearted uplifting thing I needed after replying to a discouraging comment. Hugs

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