Freedom to Vote is Under Attack From the Roberts’ Court

Guys, this is significant: Chief Justice Roberts is very near completing his life work of stripping-away voting rights from people he deems unworthy: you, me, and the rest of the filthy dirty hippies and the dusky, un-American hoards:

As a result of decisions by the Roberts Court, federal courthouses will be forced to turn away even the most egregious cases of partisan gerrymandering, which could make it easier for state lawmakers to lock in politically manipulated voting maps for the next decade.

“Now that the Supreme Court has officially retreated from the area, they’ve set off what will likely be an arms race between the parties to gerrymander to the fullest extent they can in the states where they hold control,” said G. Michael Parsons, a scholar at New York University School of Law…

“The Roberts Court has been a wrecking crew on voting rights,” said David Daley, an expert on partisan gerrymandering. “They really tilted the playing field away from voters and toward those who would manipulate maps for their own political gain.”

It’s very efficient, when you think about it, to strip-out the middleman (the voters) and let the corporations (and their plutocrat owners) buy the results that they want.

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5 Responses to Freedom to Vote is Under Attack From the Roberts’ Court

  1. T_Reg says:

    Since there seems to be no chance of mooting gerrymandering, I hope “blue” states will gerrymander with a vengeance. I remember seeing a redistricting map some wag came up with that had a bit of NYC in every district; I think every district was majority Democrat. Get to work, Dems!

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    • Scottiestoybox says:

      Hello T_Reg. I hear you. But if it is wrong for their side it also has to be wrong for our side. I do not believe in unilateral disarmament but we have to be realistic where the race to the bottom gets us. It gets us to a population so discouraged and a political class so entrenched that nothing can be done to remove them, and the people are fodder used however the powerful wish to do so. I am thinking like Russia, China, Belarus, and Hungary to name a few. I don’t want that, but the fight to stop it is getting very much beyond possible good outcomes. Hugs

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  2. sos says:

    It is easy to get too cute (by half!). With the typical GOP over-reach-power-grab + COVID-self-herd-thining, if you squint hard enough, you can see a chance of it really blowing up in their faces. Then all there is to worry about is voter suppression and legislative vote manipulation. sigh

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  3. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. Wow without the courts we are down to the better natures of man and the idea that everyone but a few outliers want democracy. But history has shown that this country never wanted everyone to vote. That is the thing the Roberts side of the court hangs its judgements on. Originally only land owning white men ( some would say also in good standing with the local church ) were thought to be wise enough to cast such an important thing as a vote for who would lead the country. The rest had weak minds or they also would be white, Christian men.

    I really am losing hope for the country. The right wing only gets away with this because people let them. In the Ohio election that drew national attention and outlandish dark money only 20% of the population voted. I have read of country where they have to have Army troops stationed ready to shoot to just let the people have a vote and the people show up to do it. Here in the US we are losing our democracy clearly and only 20% of the people who could vote bothered to do so. There was a clear message difference between the candidates, both heavily backed by their sides. Yet it did not matter to the majority of the people, they don’t want to deal with it. That leads to a one party dictatorship like China. I hear the people there are veery happy with the situation and only vote when ordered to. Hugs

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  4. Redhand says:

    The Roberts Court can fairly be considered a handmaiden to American fascism.


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