Whaddup, Texas

Amerca’s Lab for Bad Policy is in rare form and thanks a lot, Gov. Abbott as you race to the bottom agains Gov. DeSantis:

I was talking with Scissorhead DCap this morning and we’re both about in the same place: the empathy well has run dry.

Everyone who wants a vaccination can have one, and so hold-outs at this point are selfish eff’ers. These assholes are exposing the entire, responsible, rest of the country for a new variant. I cannot say this enough: your death wish is not mine.

So just hurry up and die, get together in a sealed room and breath deeply. No one will miss you.

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  1. The Empathy well was dry a month ago, but the anger well is blowing out like a wildcat strike.

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  2. Osirisopto says:

    The only explanation I can find is that the proles lives in Jeebus land are already so miserable and hopeless they see death as a viable alternative.

    That doesn’t explain the ruling class down there. I think they just want to see fewer people begging for food and shelter on the street.

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    • Richard Portman says:

      Yes we are miserable and hopeless. Sometimes i think it would be better to be dead to go and be with my many people. It would be better than arguing with all these idiots.
      We don’t ask for much!
      We ask to get a vaccine! We ask to protect our water! We ask you to behave like humans!
      We ask you to show a little love and respect!


  3. maggie says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. They who brung it, put ’em in a room together. NOW they want science and medical help (and my tax dollars) for their magaGAGing stupidity??!!? I got no empathy either.

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  4. I have a bunch of relatives living down there & I have wondered for years why the F anyone would move there. The same with my other bunch of relatives who are so enamored of TN.


  5. About six weeks ago, my wife and I were sheltering in place, and since we’re both retired it was entirely doable. I drove down to the local Democratic Party Office, just to be visible from the front window. I am a BIG galoot, and my presence likely influenced passing Republicans and anti-vaxxers to not come in. Two weeks ago, when the Delta version of the CORONA virus began running rampant, we went back to staying home. So now we’re back, in week seventy-five of personal lockdown, with neither of us presenting any symptoms. bi-daily temp readings are the plan.We really, really hate Republicans and since they present NO socially useful symptoms, we wish them all ill. We have Netflix, Hulu+, Prime, and BritBox, so we’re good for a long time. We also really, really love the foreign cop shows!


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