America Shocked: Republicans Wrong About Economics, Again

“Gonna buy me some Mousies and ‘Nip!”

Guys, remember that time that all the Republicans on the TeeVee Machine were telling us that the lazy bastards were not returning to work during a pandemic because they were being paid $300 to stay home on the couch, so they decided to cut off their benefits early to force the moochers to return to burger flipping, Praise Jeebus?

It seems it didn’t work as planned.

26 states ended federal unemployment benefits early. Data suggests it’s not getting people back to work

About half of U.S. states withdrew federal funds for the unemployed months early to encourage out-of-work residents to find a job. But mounting evidence shows that policy gambit hasn’t yet paid off.

Twenty-six states announced their intent to end federal pandemic-era benefits starting in May. They officially pulled out in waves over June and July.

UKG, a payroll and time-management firm, found that shifts among hourly workers in those states grew at about half the rate as states that continued the benefit — the opposite trend of what one might expect.

Weird. Republicans being wrong about workers, and being wrong about the economy. UNPOSSIBLE!!!

Specifically, in states that ended benefits, shifts grew 2.2% from May through July; they grew 4.1% in the others that kept federal aid intact, according to UKG’s analysis.

“Unemployment benefits were not the thing holding people back from going to work,” according to Dave Gilbertson, a vice president at UKG. “There are other elements out there, particularly in their personal lives, making it really difficult to go back to work.”

You mean like, oh, DEATH?

Some economists argue pandemic-related factors, not jobless benefits, are the primary reasons workers may not be returning to the workforce as quickly as anticipated.

For example, parents may still not have adequate childcare; those who can’t work from home may still be cautious for health reasons; workers may have relocated away from jobs, or changed industries, during the pandemic; and baby boomers may have retired early and don’t plan to return.

The delta variant threatens to further complicate the recovery. Many of the states that withdrew federal support also have lower rates of Covid vaccination, Bunker said.

So… fear of dying at their unsafe work.

Jobless respondents ranked unemployment payments last among factors keeping them from searching for work urgently. They ranked behind financial cushion, have an employed spouse, household care responsibilities and Covid fears.

With the $300 supplement, almost half of jobless workers (48%) make as much or more money on unemployment benefits than their lost paychecks, according to a recent paper published by the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Institute.

Those extra funds had a small impact on job-finding but didn’t significantly hold back the job market through mid-May, according to economists Fiona Greig, Daniel Sullivan, Peter Ganong, Pascal Noel and Joseph Vavra, who authored the analysis.

It’s funny (not funny) how Republicans always think that one must offer carrots to businesses (tax cuts) and sticks to workers (cutting benefits during a pandemic).

What clearly was happening was that the return to unsafe working conditions for minimum wage was not much of an incentive. And Republicans —devoted as they are to the Invisible Hand of the Market— couldn’t/wouldn’t see that market forces were suggesting that they need to pay people for their work.

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9 Responses to America Shocked: Republicans Wrong About Economics, Again

  1. osirisopto says:

    And Republicans —devoted as they are to the Invisible Hand of the Market— couldn’t/wouldn’t see that market forces were suggesting that they need to pay people for their work.

    I wish they’d just come out and admit it. They want us to pay them for the privilege of working, y’know ’cause slavery is unlawful.

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  2. Batman 54 says:

    This is not a failure of conservatism. It’s a feature. Never in doubt. Always full of shit.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Of course, these same states are the ones in which COVID is running rampant.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Eiron, that sneaky little devilette, is in there somewhere …

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  5. pagan in repose says:

    It’s almost like they don’t realize that more than 500,000 people have died in the last year+.
    And when you add on all the extended family of the dead, all of whom are suffering from the grief of their loss. But there is just the general level of stupidity running in a majority of the RED states that makes anything they think or say suspect to say the least.

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  6. roket says:

    They are also ignoring those who have already dropped out. The one who now operates on a strictly cash basis and doesn’t pay any income taxes. This also includes the guy who mows your lawn, roofers, and/or any other odd jobber who only takes cash. You know. Entrepreneurs.

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    • kwark says:

      My gardener too, not to mention the local mom and pop coffee shop that has a sign “Cash Preferred”. But all the talking heads say “cash is dead”. LOL.


  7. Infidel753 says:

    Too often work is miserable, too many bosses are assholes, and too many jobs pay shit wages. Businesses that offer substantially higher pay than pre-pandemic norms are getting a lot more applicants.


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