Shocking Report: Politico Says Dems Are Bad At Messaging

The beatings will continue until the press quits writing stories about Democrats in Disarray.


Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) morning email thingie has the breaking news that the Dims are bad at messaging:

DEMS’ MIDTERM WARNING — DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) delivered a blunt warning to a group of frontliners last week: If the midterms were held now, Democrats would lose the House.

That warning was based off a troubling new poll for House Dems, which showed the party behind **6 points** in a generic poll of key battleground districts, as Sarah & Heather scooped. The same survey showed only 42 percent of people trusted Dems on the economy, despite the popularity of Biden agenda items like infrastructure.

After (at least) two Great Recessions directly caused by Republican malfeasance, the public still thinks that the GQP is better with the economy. And after Democrats come in. and fix it. Jeebus, we are a nation of morons. But I interrupted. Do continue, TBotP.

Maloney and his advisors insist it’s not over yet. They are pushing Dems toward a major messaging reboot — particularly about the economy — in hopes of shielding their majority.

“Here’s the good news: Everything we are doing and everything we’ve talked about doing is incredibly popular,” Tim Persico, the DCCC’s executive director said. But he said Maloney wanted to make sure that members “understand the stakes” and “get in action.”

The DCCC is saying in their usual bad messaging way, “Get out there and eff’ing brag.”

It’s not just the DCCC chief: Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), who co-leads caucus messaging, gave a wake-up call to another group of fellow Democrats last week, telling colleagues that the party needed to better explain what Democrats have been doing to help the Covid-ravaged economy. “We’re not breaking through,” Dingell said at last week’s whips meeting.

“Get out there and eff’ing brag.”

A warning to the GOP, though: The DCCC’s survey also revealed serious weak spots for GOP candidates, including extremism tied to Jan. 6 and vaccines. Close to 60 percent of battleground voters said they have serious doubts about GOP lawmakers after hearing that those members “helped spread Trump’s lie about the election” and are “spreading lies about the COVID vaccine.” Sarah and Heather have more here:

You know how the Republicans shamelessly show up with the giant novelty checks to claim credit for the bills that not even one of them voted for? They eff’ing bragged, claimed credit, got the photo in the paper. And lo! They are better at the economy than us is the perception.

Republican do not show up with sincere and earnest 142-slide Powerpoint decks, jammed full of charts. Dems need to show up and brag. Loudly brag, and strut. Remind voters that not even one Republican voted for the relief that their constituents are getting.

Did I mention, get out there and eff’ing brag?

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4 Responses to Shocking Report: Politico Says Dems Are Bad At Messaging

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    It doesn’t help that the ReQublicans are EXTREMELY good at gaslighting and our failed political press is EXTREMELY bad at calling them out for it.

    If the ReQubs put half as much effort into governing as they put into stealing credit and placing blame this country would be in much better shape.

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    • R White says:

      It also doesn’t help that your average ‘murican is really, really dumb and has a non-existent short term memory, who through the nefarious, capitalist goals of the worthless beltway media, is solely motivated by fear and anger.

      It is very depressing after having been a part of the political process over the last 40 years only to see the same cycles of speculation, boom and then bust as the clueless voters continue to choose morally bankrupt republicans after a period that sees centrist dems squander good will and progress which ultimately leads to republicans making empty promises that ultimately lead to managerial incompetence, unnecessary warmongering, rising debts and unemployment and faux fascist leaders (fat nixon). FFS


  2. lynn says:

    I recently saw a billboard in IL that listed a few things Democrats are doing in our state, and at the bottom it says “Republicans voted against all of these”


  3. MDavis says:

    I’ve been hearing claims that the vaccine gives people COVID. Evidence? Fauci said that [even] people who have been vaccinated have 1,000 times the viral load because the Delta variant is that much more virulent.
    How did this happen? Fauci spoke as though he was talking to adults. He might have broken through to some of them if he was able to speak to them as though they were six-year-olds trying to play in the busy road – keep it simple and urgent. Tell how they’ll benefit, not how they will help everyone if they follow the rules. (bunch of effin’ narcissists – they worship their king)
    I swan, these doofuses are trying to prove the inane right-wing theory that some people should be slaves because they are simply incapable of taking care of themselves without supervision.


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