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Fourth officer who responded to the US Capitol on January 6 dies by suicide

MPD confirmed Officer Kyle DeFreytag died by suicide, hours after the department confirmed Ofc. Gunther Hashida died by suicide. Both defended the Capitol on Jan. 6.

WASHINGTON — Four law enforcement officers who responded to the Capitol insurrection have now died by suicide, a sobering toll which doubled on Monday, after Metropolitan Police confirmed two of the department’s officers who responded on January 6 recently took their own lives.

Officer Kyle DeFreytag served in the city’s 5th District and was at the Capitol to enforce curfew violations, Metropolitan Police confirmed. Chief Robert J. Contee III sent a message to the police force notifying personnel of DeFreytag’s death last month.

OK, Republicans, your tourists at your January 6 love-fest have another notch on the tally. You really want more blood on your hands defending Hair Füror and the Stupid Coup?

* Yesterday we said that there were 3, and now there are 4.

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