‘Slap mah ass ’n’ call me biscuit’: Senatorette Graham’s Done Got the Corona!

Sir, you are no gentleman.

The notorious remora of the Republican Party has caught the ‘rona:

…and thus ever power-top in DC headed for the clinic.

What’s that you say?

Anchor away, boys.

We wish for Senatorette Graham a speedy recovery and maybe some introspection, which he could use.

UPDATE 1: Who else was at Manchin’s houseboat party –

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8 Responses to ‘Slap mah ass ’n’ call me biscuit’: Senatorette Graham’s Done Got the Corona!

  1. R White says:

    Wait, I thought Joe Manchin only had time to fellate Charles Koch. Again, we see how none of the senators within the antiquated senate are worthy of our time, discussion or respect. Just a group of ignorant whores whose aim is to fuck everyone and everything within this failing empire.

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  2. Honestly I’d rather wish for a less-than-speedy recovery in aid of that retrospection.

    So far it seems as a mild case makes them even more rabid on the subject….a few days and nights gasping for breath is a hugely instructive experience on the importance of breathing to continued functioning. I’ll be kind and not hope for actual intubation…

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    • tengrain says:

      BDR –

      From what I understand, there’s not much chance that Lindsey will need to be intubated, which is too bad because the betting pool on when he’d gag would be legendary.




      • Jimmy T says:

        Hard to swallow? Truth be told I worked with and then for a gay man before my research daze. I heard many gag reflex jokes, but all in good fun. If the senatorette has no other health concerns, he should do fine. Not sure how many of the senators on the boat party were vaccinated. After all they’re Republicans…


      • Boris says:

        I spewed covfefe from my nose just then!


  3. roket says:

    Now we wait and see if he becomes a martyr for the anti-vaxxers. I’m also fairly confident that there are more anti-vaxxers (republicans) praying for his death than the vaccinated (everyone else).

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    There’s a ‘super spreader’ joke in there somewhere, but this is a family blog.

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