Hey Virginia, whaddup?

The Big Lie

Hey guys, it looks like the non-Trumpy Republican candidate is actually a MAGA in sheeps clothing (and he should thus stay away from Bubba, a-hem). Let’s listen as he tries to tell Granny in Possum Hollar that Hair Füror could be reinstated sooner if the courts moved faster:


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2 Responses to Hey Virginia, whaddup?

  1. He is a real piece of work…IIRC he’s the one who was recently caught on tape trying a to get a supporter to “ix-nay on the anti-abortion stuff because it might scare off the suburban skirts; wait until he’s elected to let this stuff out!”

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  2. roket says:

    August or September? I thought we had a firm 8/13 date from the Mein Pillow Cracker. I’m insulted that I didn’t receive the memo.


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