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Will anyone claim the body?

Brother Pierce at Esquire mentioned long ago that there is a terrible Prion Disease in the Republican Party and clearly it has spread to the Terrible Beer Kingdom of Wisconsinski:

Wisconsin Republican expands 2020 election investigation

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The highest ranking Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly said Friday that he was expanding a probe into the 2020 presidential election, saying it will take more investigators and time than originally planned.

It takes a lot of resources to find a thing that doesn’t exist, buddy.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos signed contracts in June with two retired police detectives and a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice to handle the investigation. But those two investigators quit earlier this month, Vos confirmed for the first time Friday, leading him to “take a different tack.”

“I’m buying me a Mystic Ouija Board,” he did not add. “We’ll get to the bottom of this. Care for a curd?,” he did not ask.

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I’m fairly certain that TFG took care of the Kurds. Hmmm, does abandoning our allies make our other allies look askance at us? Now I get why Biden let the clock run out on Afghanistan that was a total clusterfu*k, and the previous Rethuglican FG couldn’t be bothered with bringing justice to Bin Laden, but went in whole hog to Iraq because better targets, regardless that the funding and the vast majority of jackers came from our regional ally Saudi Arabia. Seems to be a discernible pattern there…

    As far as Wisconsin goes its just another fetid attempt to overturn a landslide election…

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    • pagan in repose says:

      The USA screwing the Kurds goes back to old George H. W. the first in Iraq invasion number 1. After the USA took over they set a no fly order for the whole of Iraq, but George the first of the Bush’s lifted just enough for old Sadam to bomb the Kurds in retaliation for them helping us.

      When I visited Wisconsin on business 20 plus years ago, everything was served with meat and cheese. I swear even the hot chocolate was made with meat on the side and cheese melted on top of the hot chocolate. Good times, oh yeah. The other side option was a pistol of some sort, usually a 25 cal.


  2. roket says:

    Money is no object when you’re searching for strawberries.

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  3. Robin Vos is a dick of the highest order, but not as stupid as Ron Johnson. Well, on his good days. He once did an interview saying that no one should be worried about the COVID virus while he was wearing full body PPE.

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