RIP, Ron Popeil

The most famous of all teevee pitchmen, Ron Popeil, has gone to the great beyond and is probably got more than a dozen new RonCo products to sell there:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ron Popeil, the quintessential TV pitchman and inventor known to generations of viewers for hawking products including the Veg-O-Matic, the Pocket Fisherman, Mr. Microphone and the Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ, has died, his family said.

Popeil died “suddenly and peacefully” Wednesday at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, his family said in a statement. He was 86. No cause of death was given.

I think Mr. Popeil was a great sport as OG SNL mocked him relentlessly, and he took it in stride. He was as American a character as you could ever find,  and I hope that he will be missed.

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14 Responses to RIP, Ron Popeil

  1. skinnydennis says:

    But wait! There’s… never mind.

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  2. purplehead says:

    Don’t forget the Popeil spray-on hair. Maybe that’s what Googlyani was using when he had that streaky meltdown.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Even Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) mocked him …

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  5. MDavis says:

    Can we trade this guy for the pillow huckster? Necromancer? Anyone?


  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He was half P.T. Barnum, half Rube Goldberg. My favorite thing about Ron’s commercials was the portrayal of routine tasks like scrambling eggs as daunting ordeals. Not everybody can be Jacques Pépin, for those people, there was Ron.

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  7. My french fry cutter at home is just the OG pot-metal slicer part of an early Veg-o-Matic.


  8. MJG says:

    My dad was a travelling salesman and an avid fisherman – gave him a pocket fisherman as a gag one birthday. Damned if he didn’t keep it in the car and drop a line whenever he came across a promising looking spot on his travels.

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    • tengrain says:

      All I’m going to say is that my dad loved gadgets, passionately. I hope that Ron is selling stuff to his greatest fan in the great beyond. That would really make me happy.




  9. Redhand says:

    And then there was Billy Mays.


    • Richard Portman says:

      Thanks! We were dealing with a “pet stain” last week and went with oxi clean. As we followed the directions, we reminisced about that guy we used to see on late night teevee. To our surprise and delight, it actually worked!


  10. Bruce388 says:

    Typing of TV pitchmen, the ShamWow dude is still in business:


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