Infrastructure Week, Continued

“Im just a bill who wants a bullet-proof vest.”

Last night, the Senate voted 67-32 to advance the infrastructure bill/deal/mirage, which allows members to begin debating actual legislation. Clear as mud, amirite?

Anyway, several months and 4 or 5 near death experiences later, 17 GQPers voted with all 50 Democrats to start a debate. This does not mean that there is a bill, and it does not mean that a bill will pass.

And in no way does this guarantee that the vote to end debate on the bill won’t be filibustered by the Republicans. Again, clear as mud, right?

Sen. John Thune said that Republicans want an open amendment process once the bill makes it to the floor, you know, so they can waste even more time.

Why, the suspicious amongst us might think that was the point.

Here’s what we know bipartisanship has forged so far:

  • New spending fell from $579 billion to $550 billion
  • Funding for public transit has been cut by $10 billion (but funding for highways has increased)
  • President Handsome Joe Biden’s proposal to reconnect minority communities that were cut off by freeways got gutted: funding fell from $20B to $1B

And for those of you keeping score at home, this is yet another reason why if I were King of the Forest, I would get rid of the un-democratic (little dee) Senate.

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5 Responses to Infrastructure Week, Continued

  1. R White says:

    What a sad joke the antiquated notion of bipartisanship has become as every time dems meekly decide to go BIG on needed legislation only to have intransigent and morally bankrupt republicans shit on it and take away what could’ve been just to satisfy the worthless beltway media and keep those overrated stenographers from harassing dems about so-called toxic partisanship. There are no guarantees that those 17 republicans will vote yes. My guess is they will all vote NO or those Koch paid whores, Sinema and Manchin will filibuster on some silly ideology that was scribbled on a scrap of toilet paper by one of our infallible founders.

    Very telling that heaven forbid a group of elderly white millionaires try to save this country bIllions while also saving the environment by ever having to take a bus, train or subway car with THOSE PEOPLE. Better yet to sit alone with their feeble thoughts in a polluting, fuel-inefficient sedan stuck in gridlock. And yes, the senate is an antiquated institution that needs to be dismantled. FFS

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  2. Oh yes, expect the amendments banning abortion, declaring America is a perfect non racist country SHUTUP! and BLM is a terrorist organization and the right to storm the Capitol be enshrined in law.

    Fer Dawg’s sake people in these buttholles states have been killed when bridges fel down because they crumbled to rust, and they still resist just fixing the broken shit…because it costs money.

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  3. IMRowPog says:

    I’ll cheer when it’s signed.
    I hope Mobbed-up Mitch appreciates the way Chuckles lets him continue to dictate the agenda of the “upper” chamber.

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  4. osirisopto says:

    Now it’s time for the R’s to add the “poison pill.”


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