The Stupid Coup Insurrection Commission Starts!

Seething Rage.
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Today Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) gossip thingie leads with some actual insight (all formatting is theirs, don’t ask me why):

POLITICO Playbook: Is McCarthy prepared for Trump’s wrath about the Jan. 6 committee?

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN ALL-AROUND TOUGH DAY for House Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY — and to a large degree, it’s a self-inflicted predicament.The House’s Jan. 6 committee makes its debut this morning.

For the first time across dozens of high-profile Trump-related oversight hearings, Republican leadership and allies will have no voice on the panel. (It’s going to be weird for us Hill watchers who are used to Rep. JIM JORDAN (R-Ohio) lobbing procedural grenades into proceedings to start fights. More on that from Olivia Beavers …)

McCarthy’s rather abrupt decision last week to pull his members from the Jan. 6 committee means that Democrats — and their two GOP allies on this issue, LIZ CHENEY (Wyo.) and ADAM KINZINGER (Ill.) — will have free rein to set the narrative. (This is why several folks on McCarthy’s own leadership team thought that pulling out was a bad idea.)


— Meanwhile, McCarthy wants to focus attention on Speaker NANCY PELOSI’s unprecedented power move last week to block two Republican lawmakers from the Jan. 6 committee. House GOP leaders will have a press conference this morning before the hearing, no doubt looking to try and frame the day’s proceedings.

— But ask yourself this: Do you think McCarthy’s complaints about Pelosi will mollify DONALD TRUMP when he turns on his TV and sees no Republicans on the dais defending him?

It seems like a safe wager.

K-Mac is is getting out-played not just by Nancy Smash, but by Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar and Louie Gohmert (four of the biggest morons in his caucus) who are going to try to distract from the commission by “demanding answers on the treatment of January 6th prisoners” outside the Justice Department.

K-Mac, as we’ve noted before, is a dope.


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7 Responses to The Stupid Coup Insurrection Commission Starts!

  1. osirisopto says:

    I hope the first person they interrogate is Bobert, then Gym Jordan, then MacCarthy.

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    • Czippie L'Shimp says:

      While I completely agree with you, you are presuming a level of integrity on their part that is not supported by evidence. They’ll just say they got lost on the way, or saw something shiny. Or, far more likely, they’ll just say “I don’t wanna. You’re not the boss of me”.

      The probability that they’ll show up is zero – as is the probability that there will be any repercussion for that.

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  2. roket says:

    While Pelosi plays chess, McCarthy is reading the directions on how to play checkers. Example 5,493 of how republicans have forgotten how to govern. While the clowns protest the harsh treatment (?) of insurrectionists, Democrats begin their investigation by interviewing the Thin Blue Line. That is going to leave a mark.

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    • pagan in repose says:


      Also if McCarthy said or is going to try: “— Meanwhile, McCarthy wants to focus attention on Speaker NANCY PELOSI’s unprecedented power move last week.” Nancy is going to take him to the woodshed and remove some vital organs just by staring at him for a few minuets. He just doesn’t have what it takes to be trying to play with the professionals. He is going to get his ass handed to him and it won’t be pretty. He is a poser of the worst order.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    By the end of the day, the public will be calling for harsher treatment for the 1/6 prisoners.

    Some interesting campaign ads will result from today.

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  5. MDavis says:

    Formatting, I have some guesses. Just guesses, of course.
    For those who read only the first sentence of each paragraph (a trick my sister told me she was using to pass college courses in the day, tho even she read the last sentence as well. Allegedly) The start of each of these sentences is highlighted by bolding. To help our studious rubes find it. Allegedly.
    Next is the “Truth” (Terry Pratchett) theory of newspapers – everyone wants to see their name in the newspapers, so names are ALL CAPS and bold. This makes them easy to find. When the commission is called out it is bolded, so maybe they think that kind of counts as a name?

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