Early Retirement for Msgr. Burrill

Oh, dear:

Pillar Investigates: USCCB gen sec Burrill resigns after sexual misconduct allegations

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, former general secretary of the U.S. bishops’ conference, announced his resignation Tuesday, after The Pillar found evidence the priest engaged in serial sexual misconduct, while he held a critical oversight role in the Catholic Church’s response to the recent spate of sexual abuse and misconduct scandals.

“On Monday, we became aware of impending media reports alleging possible improper behavior by Msgr. Burrill. What was shared with us did not include allegations of misconduct with minors. However, in order to avoid becoming a distraction to the operations and ongoing work of the Conference, Monsignor has resigned effective immediately,” Gomez added.

We note that former Msgr. Burrill is not accused of pedophilia (our graphic above is for illustration purposes only, but you try to google for an image of a sexxxy priest —actually don’t) but Burrill was one of the group that was trying to deny President Handsome Joe Biden communion because of his stance on Choice goes against standard-issue Catholic orthodoxy. And thus we are reminded:

Tengrain’s Definition of Hypocrisy: Hypocrisy is not about failing to live up to your standards. Hypocrisy is teaching/preaching something you clearly don’t actually believe as demonstrated by your actions.

Side note: Grindr says it did NOT allow its data to be used:

In a statement, Grindr called The Pillar’s report an “unethical, homophobic witch hunt” and said it does “not believe” it was the source of the data used. The company said it has policies and systems in place to protect personal data, although it didn’t say when those were implemented. The Pillar said the app data it obtained about Burrill covered parts of 2018, 2019 and 2020.


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3 Responses to Early Retirement for Msgr. Burrill

  1. This is one of those Flynt v Falwell things, actually, wherein both sides are scumbags, but somethign important might come from it.

    The folks who outed him bought aggregated records from some of the myriad shadowy data brokers on the private market.

    Perfectly legal, an it essentially lets you see where you go online AND IRL! because it has gps location data included.

    Not quite as bad as Pegasus, but much more widely available.

    To anyone with a few bucks.

    Commercially available app signal data does not identify the names of app users, but instead correlates a unique numerical identifier to each mobile device using particular apps. Signal data, collected by apps after users consent to data collection, is aggregated and sold by data vendors. It can be analyzed to provide timestamped location data and usage information for each numbered device.

    And before the smug “Well I never had a cell phone, so I’m superior” crowd chimes in, blaming this on people using their phones is precisely like blaming people for racking up huge medical bills because they should “do their research and shop around” or the evergreen trope about how poor people “…should just stop being poor by scrimping and saving like my (invariably white middle to upper middle class in the 50’s) parents did!” bullcrap.

    Consenting to use apps on a device that is in many ways essential to life in the 21st century and is possible one of the greatest technological advances since, well, fire should not mean you have to give up all privacy, and allow anyone to track you day or night.

    The “If you’re not paying for the service, you’re the product, not the customer” glib techbro libertarian answer needs to be changed.

    I shouldn’t have to choose whether to use my phone or have privacy; and it should be clear and transparent what my information is being used for and who it’s sold to and I should be allowed to make informed choices, not have to wade through 300 screens of legal chaff, and find the well hidden checkbox that lets me [looks at fie print] write to some corporate PO box in East Bumbfuck Delaware to ask them pretty please not track me like a darted, collared grizzly bear.

    This isn’t even getting into the issue of “well if my tracking information is so valuable that there’s a vast network of brokers buying and selling it…Where’s MY cut, assholes?”

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  2. genelms says:

    I stopped reading at “google for an image of a sexxxy priest”. Now I have to sanitize my browsing history.

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