Billionaires in Space: A Conclusion

Pigs! In! Space!

Honest-to-blog, Bezos said this, and I hope that it triggers enough feeble brains to realize that something is majorly wrong with our tax code:

And because it must be noted:

We are giving Will Noonan gets the last word:


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24 Responses to Billionaires in Space: A Conclusion

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Kevin called, he want’s his hat back …

    Why is everyone all gaga over something a monkey did 72 years ago?

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    • roket says:


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    • R White says:

      Why is everyone all gaga over something a monkey did 72 years ago?

      Because that monkey happens to be a shrewd dork who launched a biz in his garage that everybody said would never be successful, and to spite the naysayers, he will become the first trillionaire who has almost wiped out brick and mortar stores on main st. Sadly it has become a fetish amongst many ’muricans to worship the inbred wealthy as heroes, people who have no qualms screwing everyone for their own distorted sense of entertainment.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, I loved it too. I hate Amazon with every fiber of my being and have ever since I saw all the little bookstores shutter, followed pretty closely by all the big ones.



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      • ali redford says:

        Powell’s is still out there, and visiting for a few days remains on our bucket list. They did me and our PTA a solid several years ago, and I’ll never forget it.


      • Boris says:

        Don’t forget The Tattered Cover in Denver, and certainly not City Lights out on America’s west coast!

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      • ali redford says:

        Oh, yeah, and Jenny Lawson opened her bookstore this week, too! I bought Stacey Abrams’s “While Justice Sleeps” from Nowhere Bookstore several weeks ago, online. That’s a great page-turner, btw. Anyway, there are two stores we can lift!

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      • pagan in repose says:

        What Ali said.

        During the entire 35 years of my living in Portland nearly every book I bought was from Powell’s book. Back in the day I used to even buy books for friends from out of town from Powell’s. I delivered the books when I visited.

        I can never say enough about the store. Only to add they also bought back books and paid a fair price for them. So, yeah Powell’s was recycling back before it was cool.

        I love them still.


  2. roket says:

    I’m thinking a set of truck balls would be about the correct scale ratio as well.

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  3. I don’t think Amazon killed bookstores. High rents killed bookstores.

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  4. sos says:

    Technically Jeff was inside a big dick. Making him something of a little squirt.

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  5. Redhand says:

    I don’t mind the “shooting billionaires into space” trick. It’s their return legs I don’t like.

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  6. ming says:

    Just going to drop this here.

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  7. Another Mrs BDR-Imgur joint she just sent me

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  8. pagan in repose says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Anyone with more than 10 million dollars is a sociopath to some degree and billionaires are psychopathic sociopaths. No one person is capable of having that much money and remain sane. Everyone around them will not tell them the truth about practically anything. For both the money and the fear of what someone with a billion dollars can do to them.

    Then there is the Bezo’s of billionaires spouting on about nonsense in public and nobody is going it say or do squat about it.

    What do you think Epstein was up to, he was the pimp of children to billionaires for fucks sake.

    I would gladly be proven wrong but isn’t trump enough evidence. He and his father before him were multimillionaires who were just fucking criminals in NYC, and they got away with decades of criminal behavior and nobody said shit.

    The rant is over.

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