Midday Palate Cleanser

Mandatory soundtrack while contemplating Llamas in the Fog.

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7 Responses to Midday Palate Cleanser

  1. Steve-O says:

    Somehow, the opening theme of Twin Peaks seems appropriate to me.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Not the usual tifosi, eh Ming?

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    • ming says:

      At least they weren’t holding cardboard signs. I can see the headline now – “Pog Flogged by Llamas in Fog”. On the other hand, it might have added some excitement to an otherwise unsuspenseful TdF. And… although I generally hate sprinters, it was good to see the Manx Missile back on form. One more stage win to pass Eddy Merckx.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

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  4. Janut says:

    That’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncy.
    What’s that, Edgar?

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    This happened five years ago, the year the Cubs won the World Series, the year — look, let’s just agree that 2016 was a strange year.


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