Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead Purplehead

I seriously hope this is the same workplace with the immature person who puts googly eyes on notices. I want to work there.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    A man was driving on the highway when all of a sudden he had to swerve to avoid a box falling off the truck that was in front of him. Seconds later, a police office pulled him over for reckless driving. As the officer was writing the ticket, the driver noticed the box he’d avoided had been full of nails and tacks. “I had to swerve otherwise I’d have run over those and blown my tires!” he protested. “OK,” replied the officer, as he ripped up the ticket, “but I’m still bringing you in.” “What for?!”
    “Tacks evasion.”

    I’ll see myself out…

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    • MDavis says:

      [Serious expression] Do not respond to phone calls accusing you of tacks evasion and demanding money. Tacks evasion prosecution always starts with a letter.

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      • E.A. Blair says:

        I got one of those calls. The caller told me the police will come to my home and arrest me. I told him that my next call would be to the IRS inspector general’s office to report his scam. My sole income is disability, which is not taxable; I have not been required to file a return for the last eighteen years.

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      • MDavis says:

        An iteration of this scam for the last two or three years was the “your social security number has been involved in a crime and will be cancelled” unless you give them money, apparently. One friend was asking around about this, she seemed kind of worried although she didn’t give them any info. Another friend let the call roll on to where a person got on the line. They then asked “what is your social security number?” to which friend replied “you called me, why don’t you tell me what the number is?” He just did it out of curiosity or entertainment, but when he turned the call in he was told that having the last four of your SSN and a phone number gets scammers 90% of the way to identity theft. It’s also the rationale behind those calls about your car’s warranty.
        Me, I’m not that good with numbers or hacking or theft, but I am pretty sure that the phone numbers that show up on the caller ID are spoofed somehow. You can turn them in anyway, but they will just keep rolling on, popping up like mushrooms with different numbers every day. Such is life in our oh, so civilized country of thieves.


      • Tacks evasion prosecution always starts with a letter.

        Which I believe they’re legally required to nail to your door.

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      • PSA time…one of my co-orkers made a house call last night to a Professor emeritus (longtime prof, we still help him with stuff, quasi officially) because he was ‘locked out’ after ‘someone helped him with his computer’. Turns out he’d fallen for a fake Paypal notification that ‘Your account has been charged $1100 for your new iPhone’

        Long, sad story short scammers got on, got into his computer and have, to date, taken him for ~$4800, only some of which he’ll be able to recover since $3200 of it was gift cards.

        prof is beating himself up “I’m a smart guy!”, best Nic could do was tell him, “they make these things look real”. Cognitive decline is a shitty thing. šŸ˜¦

        Check in with your elderly parents/friends/neighbors, etc and ask ’em hows it going…

        I bug my mom every time I go there, and she knows to ask ME to fix her computers not some weirdo on the other end of the email or phone call.


  2. MDavis says:

    This is an appropriate response to being accused of being the googly eye bandit.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      the googly eye bandit… giggle.

      I can’t lie though- during the peak of pandemic hideout, the husband and I did do some googly eye shenanigans. It’s amazing was bored, witty above avg age adults will get up to with they have the time and nothing better to do…

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  3. RO says:

    I love how people can look at normal everyday things and them into something funny to make me smile. Great post and happy Tuesday! Hugs, RO


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