We Hate To Interrupt Your Saturday…

…as you continue to peruse that supply-side socialist Henry George’s 1879 masterwork, Progress and Poverty (he was after all the Thomas Piketty or John Kenneth Galbraith of his era), but we would be remiss is we did not alert you to the fact that our pal Burr Deming has published his list of links —complete with wry commentary— at his blog, Fair and Unbalanced.

We will keep this post on top today, and fresher posts (if any!) will be below. — The Management

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5 Responses to We Hate To Interrupt Your Saturday…

  1. Ten Bears says:

    I actually gave a guy an a grade for doing that in M$ Excel.

    Then there were sunspots. Not to be confused with the moon’s wobble.

    M$ Excel was a fun class to teach …

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  2. Meremark says:

    Treasurer excellent:

    Ellen Brown


  3. Jimmy T says:

    I finally got it. Took me awhile but the teach was obviously telling the students to expand the equation, which the student did. After leaving school, he probably made a living in comedy…


  4. Burr Deming says:

    Excellent interpretation, and a kind and generous link.
    Thank you.



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