Majority of Possum Hollar Wants to Secede

Greetings from Possum Hollar!

Just go already.

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16 Responses to Majority of Possum Hollar Wants to Secede

  1. schmice3 says:

    Some very fine people, no doubt.

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  2. JUst be ready for the flood of refugees and the overspill of violence once they start really taking things out on the libtards. Seriously! Who gets the nukes in the silos in North Dakota?

    Also, just to point out again, Randall Munroe has a counterpoint to this (check the hovertext)

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  4. Redhand says:

    I see this finding as the key one:

    Distressingly high proportions of respondents say they would be willing to secede from the United States to join a new union of states in their region. Support is higher among Republicans in Republican-dominated regions and among Democrats in Democrat-dominated regions, but the idea’s popularity has risen in some partisan groups and regions of the country since Biden’s inauguration.

    Frankly, I want nothing to do with the redneck, MAGA assholes in the picture or their ilk in “Red Murrica.” If they were to secede, they’d create a perfect, economically and culturally impoverished hellscape of a Nation for themselves, a veritable Christo-fascist nightmare. It would be a new Confederacy, its very own shithole country. I’d prefer a split to these fuckers bringing the whole country down with them.

    In a word, Pissonya. See
    I think the ditty dates from WWII, though its origins are obscure to me.

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    We’ll be keeping the social security …

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    • Richard Portman says:

      Yes. We will also be keeping Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Tucson and El Paso.
      We will keep Portland and San Francisco. Modesto and Sacramento will be in our new country. Albuquerque is a toss up because they have a lot of crackers living there. Atlanta would be welcome on a probationary status. Also Minneapolis Saint Paul.
      Vermont and Massachusetts and the rest of the founders would be admitted because history and gratitude.
      We would send a message to Charleston and Columbia and Savannah and ask them if they want to join our Union.
      We are not going to mess with Texas because we have been told not to.
      I live in Utah. It is the Beehive State. We believe in cooperation.


  6. Osirisopto says:

    How can we miss you when you won’t go away?

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  7. HarpoSnarx says:

    I propose the MAGA rats have some land in the South Pole area. I mean it should be white enough for even these monsters. Also let them deal whatever is lurking beneath the melting since they’re so combative.

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    • tengrain says:

      And give them one pointy stick for, oh, about every 5 of them. This will be bigger ratings than ‘Survivor.’

      Only guessing, of course.



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    • Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

      I say we give them Vanuatu, because global warming is a hoax. We can relocate the Vanuatuans to the US, because they shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of American carbon emissions.


  8. pagan in repose says:

    For those wishing to secede:
    Shut the fucking door, don’t let the screen door hit you on the ass on your way out! Buh bye now.


  9. angryspittle says:

    Hmm, let’s see how they like it when all federal facilities are closed, no more fed dollars for infrastructure, no welfare, social security, medicare, food stamps, medicaid, post office, national guard, FBI, disaster relief for floods, droughts, and others…


  10. beckymaenot says:

    Hang on y’all. I gotta pack the truck, sell my house and GTFOH before they go all MAGA-rific here in GA. Seriously- I need a 2 week heads up.


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