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(Hat tip: Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

Hey guys, remember the other day when we were speculating that the Enlightenment was ending because Possum Hollar would much rather believe in witches, demons, and in that Floriduh Lady prophet with the hot pink hair (you know, the one who says she is a Weather Warrior), and they do not believe in Science because: vaccines and whatnot?

Seems someone was listening in on us and are happy to provide us with datapoints!

Democratic, Republican Confidence in Science Diverges


  • Republicans’ confidence in science nearly 30 points lower than in 1975
  • Democrats more confident in science than in 1975
  • Trust in science among all Americans is slightly lower

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in science, compared with 70% when Gallup last measured it more than four decades ago. The modest decline overall obscures more significant changes among political partisans. Republicans today are much less likely than their predecessors in 1975 to have confidence in science. Meanwhile, Democrats today have more confidence than their fellow partisans did in the past.

So, yeah, it wasn’t our imagination. Conservatives would rather drink bleach than have a vaccine; have an exorcism than make an appointment with a therapist, and call upon an Army of Angels than get out of the way of a hurricane.

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4 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. T_Reg says:

    I LLOLed at the sign. Not too fond of the question in that survey, though. I have always maintained confidence in science. It’s the political mouthpieces claiming to be talking science that I don’t trust. When a politician says “trust the science”, they’re really saying “trust what I’m saying is the science”. No, thanks, I’ll read the actual scientists and make my own conclusions, thank you.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    It’s a little on the Eiron side (she who farts) that I was reading an article that describes how twelve people in the world drive around 70% of dis-info in regards to the scientific basis for a widespread vaccination program. Twelve people! The article goes on to describe how dangerous this is to an open society (and of course dictators use this to advance their own self interest. Worth a read…

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    Occurs to me that there are indeed two types these day’s: those vaccinated against the Trump-Flu, whose bodies have been tricked, trained, taught to recognize spiked viri as a threat and manufacture the anti-bodies to combat them ~ something every other animal in the animal kingdom can do but apparently humans, the crown of creation, cannot, our bodies need to be taught: recognize all manner of spiked viri: flus, common colds, malaria, HIV as a threat and generate the anti-bodies necessary to combat them ~ and those who are not.

    Think of it as an evolutionary iteration …

    As ever, I am laughing at the white-trash’s “superiority”


  4. pagan in repose says:

    You take a bag, fill it with the letters of the alphabet, shake it up, and dump the letters on a table, floor, whatever. Have a four year old, wearing gloves and a blindfold, assemble the letters as best they can. And, Wall-ah!! There you have the latest conservative talking point laid out on the table, floor, whatever.

    That is the best version I can come up with to describe what they are trying to talk about every stinking ever loving day. Their insanity knows no bounds, nothing is out of bounds, what is bounds. “I’m stealing the room!!” You will have to watch “200 Hundred Motels” to get that reference quote. Hint, it is in the part of the movie about Kim Simmons in a motel room. He was the guitar player in the “Mothers of Invention” band at the time.


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