The Midday Stupid

Now try getting out of the tree.

The WaPo sees anti-vaxxing is being mainstreamed by the Coup Klux Klan, as we have suggested earlier:

“The notion that the vaccine drive is pointless or harmful — or perhaps even a government plot — is increasingly an article of faith among supporters of former president Donald Trump, on a par with assertions that the last election was stolen and the assault on the U.S. Capitol was overblown.”

I’m waiting to see if anti-vaxxing becomes an official Republican Plank in their otherwise non-existent platform. Preventable diseases for everyone! Yay!

I’m not old enough to know the details about the Fluoride-as-a-commie-plot that the Birchers once upon a time inflicted on America, so for those of you who are old enough: is a war on science attack or  similar to the Fluoride propaganda? In other words, are we rushing away from the Enlightenment?

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  1. It represents the final ascendancy of the Bircher paranoid crazies to the pinnacle of Republican leadership. After all the modern conservative movement is essentially the creation of Daddy Koch and his boys.

    As always the past isn’t past, it ain’t even over….

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    • Weird Dave says:

      They’ve been tell me for 60+ years that the commies were gonna take over. They’re still telling me that.

      I’m still waiting….


  2. Martin Pollard says:

    You don’t need to know a thing about the whole fluoride debacle to know that we’re rocketing away from the Enlightement on a warp drive-powered sled at nearly warp 10.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    They’re not mainstreaming anything. They’re mainlining it.

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  4. angryspittle says:

    Roll back the calendar to the 12th century.

    All hail blind faith, stupidity, and superstition!

    To hell with science and reason!

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The polio vaccine was rolled out around the same time fluoride was controversial, and I don’t believe there was pushback. Of course, polio produced hideous physical symptoms (my elderly childhood neighbor’s son-in-law had a withered leg I still remember), so anti-vaxxers could be scared straight.

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  6. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Tell me RFK Junior, oh Boomer douchebag without a medical degree. Why are my children unable to walk and covered in pox? The government did it right?”

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  7. Ten Bears says:

    There’s more to the fluoride story than run of the mill mockery. Take another Prozac.

    Yes there are International Bankers and Insurers, though not necessarily of any one particular ethnicity. “Ethnicity” of course a human construct (ok, human is questionable, but…), the bend of one’s nose, kick of hair or color of skin interferes naught with our ability to breed.

    The answer to your question is of course yes, I’m sure it was rhetorical on your part but as noted upstream we don’t need the fluoride conspiracy to know that. The only analogy for lack for a better term of now and then is they’re pulling the same shit out of their asses now as they did then.

    And it’s working …

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  8. Kurt says:

    The current GQP anti-vaxxing lies are simply an addition to their laundry list of anti-science positions when known as the GOP: anti-fluoridation, pro-tobacco, anti-endangered species protections, guns for everyone, climate change denial, to name a few.

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    • MDavis says:

      It’s “smoking by the fireworks” all over again.
      If I don’t see it happen, it isn’t real. If i see it happen but it kills me, did anyone actually see it happen?

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  9. roket says:

    These would be the same people who believe their bodily fluids are precious. I don’t have a problem with drinking pure grain alcohol but rainwater is off the table.

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  10. T_Reg says:

    I’m on the fence regarding fluoridation. Some studies have identified a correlation (/= causation, I know) between fluoridation and reduced IQ, and fluoridation and autism. I might accept a slightly reduced IQ for good teeth, but increased autism worries me. I don’t think that puts me in the category of Fluoride-as-a-commie-plot, nor do I think that the numerous European countries which do NOT fluoridate would fall into that group either. History is written by the winners; just because someone opposes a practice does not make them crazy, but labelling them that way is an effective technique for weakening the dissenting opinion.

    Re crazy… Considerng how long the U.S. has been fluoridating, and the increasing number of people who, by their politics, seem to have gone insane, maybe we should take another look at the practice.


  11. My wife, who does much of the heavy lifting for the thinking part of our fifty-plus-years marriage, has told me the anti-vaxxers will be killing each other off in the vary near future, because that’s how infectious diseases work. Sadly, innocents will be killed by their spouse’s idiocy, and the magical “herd immunity” will become a reality for the rest of us. I wear my mask when I am with people whose vaccination status is unknown to me as a simple courtesy.


  12. Professor Pupdog says:

    I used to think Birchers were an aberration of the past … until I met one. Similarly for Creationists, dowsers, and other believers in fantastic myths. Most of the people I’ve had contact with who were devotees of those superstitions believed in them with a religious fervor. I suppose a civilization will always have some members who cannot divest themselves of magical thinking.


    • MDavis says:

      I remember a recent sci-fi story, where humanity was doomed – unless they accepted that angels don’t exist. Something about the aliens would not help nut jobs? I forget. They offered to just make everyone understand by sci-fi magic, but the earth representative said “No, thanks, we’ll get it done” and I thought “Well. that earth is doomed” I never figured out if the guy never new any fanatics or if he just believed humanity should die on it’s own terms. Bit unfair to the rational folks, though.


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