Social Media is Killing Us

Deadly distractions

The callous Yutes of Today are at real risk for the Trump-Virus and apparently the Delta variant in particular. There are some interesting news stories about school-aged kids who are trying to navigate getting vaccinated when their parents are anti-vaxxers or anti-vaxxers at least for THIS vaccine.

But what of the young adults?:

“Millions of Americans have rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated against Covid-19, but one group is well behind: young adults.”

“Their reluctance is a significant part of why the U.S. missed the Biden administration’s goal of getting 70% of the adult population a first dose by July 4, and it is impeding efforts to develop the communitywide immunity sought to move past the pandemic and fend off Delta and other variants.”

“Now government health authorities are dialing up efforts encouraging 18- to 29-year-olds to get vaccinated. The outreach will have to overcome the hesitancy of many young adults who don’t see the urgency given their relatively low risk of severe cases, are spooked by confusing information on social media and generally feel invincible.”

I generally recognize that feeling of invincibility (though I’m pretty sure I never had it, what with being raised by lawyers, no liability for stupidity should have been the family motto), but what shocks me is that the Yutes do not see 600,000 piled-up dead bodies. And if they do, why does that not give them pause.

The clue for why is in the last ‘graph: confusing information on social media. When the place one gets one’s news is subject to popularity of what is going viral (ahem), then one can hardly be blamed for not knowing what is going on.

Social Media is killing us. It is a net-negative for our society and country.

I get it that our media is ossified and dying (for dawg’s sake, that was an excerpt from the W$J I cited above); but social media is not a news outlet. Try to get at least some daily news from legitimate journalism. If you have kids in your life, give them a subscription to something/anything that actually, you know, reports actual news. They might roll their eyes at you today, but they will thank you tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Social Media is Killing Us

  1. My SIL, the one with chronic pulmonary disease, dependent on supplemental oxygen? Won’t get it because she read on Facebook that “It changes your DNA”. head->desk

    Brother (married to SIL, and of the MAGAt persuasion) won’t get it because in November 2019 he had “..a really bad sinus infection.” and is firmly convinced that he had an “early case”, and thus is immune.

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    • tengrain says:

      Ah, crap, BDR, that’s a double-dose of stupid.

      At least my brother doesn’t talk to any of his Libtard siblings any longer.



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