Get Thee Hence!

Slow but steady, the blogger makes a post

It’s Sunday, Scissorheads, and the day presents us with a delimma: do we seek salvation for our eternal souls by being hectored by some old scold with their panties in a twist and a hand in the collection plate, or do we go to our pal Infidel753’s place for a few laughs, some thoughtful analysis of the world, and some commentary that pricks-up our ears, followed-up by a jaunt over to Scotties Toy Box for the Sunday Funnies?

I’ll see you there! Save me a seat!

As per usual, this post will be on top today and fresher posts —if any!— will be below.

—The Management

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  1. Now that The Last Drive-In is on hiatus, looks like Ernie is moonlighting…


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