Oops: More Authenticity Problems for J.D. Vance

J.D. Vance (undated file photo).

Billionaire Peter Thiel’s $10M Amero-bought-populist, Yale-educated hillbilly investment banker J.D. Vance has yet more authenticity problems:

“I’m not just a flip-flopper, I’m a flip-flop-flipper on Trump,” J.D. Vance says with a laugh, slicing into a half-stack of breakfast pancakes. The Hillbilly Elegyauthor and newly minted Republican Senate candidate is sitting at the counter of a Cincinnati diner on July 2, explaining why he thinks he can win…

Trump is “the leader of this movement,” Vance tells me, “and if I actually care about these people and the things I say I care about, I need to just suck it up and support him.”

Keep talking, Mr. Elegy.

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6 Responses to Oops: More Authenticity Problems for J.D. Vance

  1. I’m starting to ge the barest whisper of a distant inkling of a barely perceptible feeling that Mr Vance is not a very good politician.

    Dude, you’re trying to get the votes of all those same people you trashed in your book.

    “suck it up and support him” is exactly the kind of weasel wording their ‘primitive hillbilly minds’ (according to you) are quite attuned to.

    You’re going to be running against Josh Mandel who would whip out his dick and slice it off on stage if TFG asked him to, without any sort of hesitation.

    You’re fake, a fake hillbilly, a fake republican, and a fake candidate. You’ll be lucky enough to simply lose a shit-ton of Vlad Dracul Thiel’s money instead of being torn to shreds by the mob.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Funny that a guy known primarily for having written a book would think the cult, perceived to have little interest in reading books, would show interest in him.

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  3. RWW says:

    MSM takeaway: All the people worth listening to are Republicans sitting in diners. Let’s hear what this Yale-graduated, billionaire-subsidized, authentic Rust Belt hillbilly has to say between bites of pancakes!

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  4. roket says:

    $10M Ameros is a heavy price to pay for the research for JD Vance’s next book. Wish these stupid billionaires would ask me how to spend their monies.

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    • R White says:

      Thiel is infamously known within Silicon Valley social circles as a control freak whose elaborate and gaudy dinner parties are closely guarded and ones where the host mysteriously chooses not to attend until the end of such. No doubt he had Vance sign a blood oath that fulfills some of Thiel’s adolescent yearnings for idiotic libertarian legislation.

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