Congrats to Us, Outrage Works

Toyota Motor USA has returned to their previous stance of NOT giving donations to the Coup Klux Klan:

Toyota has announced it will cease donations to Republicans who objected to the certification of President Biden’s electoral college victory.

Driving the news: The company revealed its decision, first reported by the Detroit News, in a statement on Thursday, saying it understood that its PAC’s donations to those objectors, which far outpaced those of any other company, “troubled some stakeholders.”

  • Toyota’s statement came less than two weeks after Axios reported the Japanese automaker donated $55,000 to 37 election objectors, the most of any corporate PAC by a significant margin.

Between the lines: Toyota faced immediate backlash over its donations, which went to some of the most outspoken election conspiracy theorists in Congress.

We have to keep being vigilant and make some good trouble. I’m still not buying a Toyota again, though: their anti-union and locating in Right-to-Work states (and enforcing those laws) is very troubling; I’ve been a decades-long customer, but they are not our friends.

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5 Responses to Congrats to Us, Outrage Works

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    I’m sure that the Lincoln Project, which released their Toyota-trashing ad earlier this week (I think), will try to claim some/most of the credit, as usual. Unfortunately for them, they were late to the party, and social media had already put Toyota on full blast. As you said, it was Wee Teh Peeples that did this, not a group of Never-Trump grifters.

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    • R White says:

      Rick Wilson and George Conway are the last two people that need to be thanked for any awareness of problematic corporate issues. They are personally responsible for the current partisan gridlock by republicans who all worship corporate greed.


  2. Jimmy T says:

    I’m thinking that some marketing wise guy figured out how much business Toyota would lose when the word about their perfidy found its way into their targeted customers. Haven’t owned a Toyota for a long time (I’m a Subaru guy) but many suburbians and city dwellers own Toyota’s and they tend to be moderate to liberal in their views. Alway appreciative of big business siding with America, and better late than never…

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  3. revzafod says:

    Time to dig out my old t-shirt from when Toyota had the problem with stuck gas pedals:

    “Once you drive a Toyota, you’ll never stop.”

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  4. Professor Pupdog says:

    What?! I just drove my Toyota into the flooded quarry! How do I get it back?


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