There Is No ‘Polarization,’ There Are Only Republicans (Lifeboats, part infinity)

Look-out, Scissorheads: our Failed Political Press ™ is failing us again. Vox, of course –

How political polarization broke America’s vaccine campaign

I’m going to interrupt because that bullshit headline makes my head spin: there is no polarization, there is only Republicans running away from sanity; this is ionization at best. The Republican Party going nuts is asymmetrical. Vox wants to Both Sides this.

Saying it is “polarization”  as inaccurate as blaming all of Congress for what the Republicans are doing.

The Covid-19 epidemic in the United States risks becoming a tale of “two Americas,” as Anthony Fauci warned in June: a nation where regions with higher vaccination rates are able to beat back the coronavirus, while those with lower vaccination rates continue to see cases and deaths.

At face value, it’s a division between those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated. But, increasingly, it’s also a division between Democrats and Republicans — as vaccination has ended up on one of the biggest dividing lines in the US, political polarization.

OK, lots of bullshit on polarization for many paragraphs, but then we get to what is interesting and they almost get it right, and then they blow it:

That polarization has now opened political rifts in vaccination rates, with people’s decision to get a shot or not today a better predictor of states’ electoral outcomes than their votes in prior elections. It’s led the US’s vaccination campaign to hit a wall, missing President Joe Biden’s July 4 goal. Meanwhile, the more infectious delta variant is spreading, raising the risk of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in unvaccinated — and often heavily Republican — areas.

To put it bluntly: Polarization is killing people.

No, Republicans’ intransigent orthodoxy is killing people. Quit blaming Democrats and the Left for what Republicans are doing, Vox.

UPDATE 1: to the point of the Vox article that partisanship is determining health outcomes:

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4 Responses to There Is No ‘Polarization,’ There Are Only Republicans (Lifeboats, part infinity)

  1. Ten Bears says:

    It has been noted in some circles the Ghost Dance might just be working, a few days late and as many dollars short, they’re killing themselves off. S’ok tho, only killing the “good ones”

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  2. mr perfect says:

    TG, is that photo real? Why not just wear a T-shirt stating, “I’m With Stupid” with and arrow pointing up?

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    • MDavis says:

      I kind of remember this from the vast wasteland of pre-Q-majority TFG rallyes. I note he carries his stuff around in a trash bag. Fitting.


    • tengrain says:

      Totally real, and in a way, she is declaring her status as mother of the year, N’est-ce pas?




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